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Can you trade Pokemon from fire red version to diamond version?

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You can migrate Pokemon from any GBA game to Diamond or Pearl, but not trade.

you still get the Pokemon on diamond but you will not put new Pokemon in red

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Where do you find Articuno in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't find Articuno in pokemondiamond but you can migrate it in pokemon leaf green version or pokemon fire red version.

Can you trade Pokemon from crystal to soul silver?

no you can not crystal version is too old try trading Pokemon to it with fire red, leaf green, Or Diamond, Pearl, Or Platinum

Can you get growlithe in Pokemon emerald version?

no but you can trade it from fire red

Can you trade Pokemon from leaf green or fire red to pearl or diamond?

No, you can only migrate them to Pearl or Diamond, you don't trade them.

Where is a farfech d in Pokemon?

In Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Fire Red/Leaf Green version a girl in Vermillion city will trade you one if you give her a Spearow. In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl version, it a swarm on Route 221.

Can you trade your Pokemon LeafGreen game for Pokemon Emerald game?

yes you can trade pokemon leafgreen pokemon to pokemon emerald version same as pokemon fire.

How do you get Zapdos in Pokemon Diamond?

you get Zapdos in Pokemon diamond or pearl by migrating it from Pokemon ruby version, leaf green, fire red, or Sapphire version of PokemonYou can only get Zapdos in XD, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Platinum.

How do you get ditto in Pokemon Sapphire version?

you have to trade for it You can trade from Emerald, Fire Red or Leaf Green

How do you catch Charizard on sapphire?

It is impossible to catch Charizard in Pokemon Sapphire Version. You have to trade it from either Pokemon Fire Red Version or Pokemon Leaf Green Version.

How you can get Ho-oh Pokemon fire red version?

you can't you have to trade from Pokemon gold

How do you get growlith on Pokemon Diamond version?

You have to have Pokemon fire red for GBA. Catch it on that.Once you have beaten the elite four and finished the Sinnoh Dex (on diamond) the Pal Park will open and you can migrate it from fire red to diamond.

How do you you trade Pokemon from Pearl Diamond to FireRed LeafGreen?

You can't. You can only trade Pokemon from Fire Red or Leaf Green to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It just doesn't work the other way around.

How do you get Suicune on Pokemon Diamond without action replay?

to get suicune on Pokemon diamond without action replay is to migrate from Pokemon fire red version or leaf green

Where can you find a fire stone in black version?

buy it in black city or trade a Pokemon well the other Pokemon has a fire stone

How do you get a Pokémon from Pokémon Pearl to Pokémon Fire R ed?

this is not possible you can only get Pokemon from fire red to pearl. You can only get Pokemon to pearl from another pearl version or diamond version.

Can you migragte Pokemon from gold into Pokemon Diamond?

No, sorry. There's no possible way to transfer Pokemon from Gold/Silver/Crystal to Diamond/Pearl. You can, however, transfer Pokemon games to the DS with the following: Pokemon Ruby Version Pokemon Sapphire Version Pokemon Leaf Green Version Pokemon Fire Red Version Pokemon Emerald Version That's it. I hope you found this useful.

Is it possible to trade from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon fire red?

No. But you can trade from FireRed, LeafGreen, Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum

How can you complete your pokedex in emerald version?

trade with fire red and Pokemon colosim.

Where do you get a Ditto in Pokemon Sapphire Version?

nowhere, you have to trade for it You can trade from Emerald, Fire Red or Leaf Green

Where Can you Find Eevee in Pokemon Silver?

You have to trade it from Fire Red or Diamond/Pearl I believe.

How do you get a torchic in pokemon pearl?

Torchic is a fire type of Pokemon. The only way to get one of them in Pokemon Pearl version is to trade it.

Can you trade between Pokemon fire red and Pokemon Shiny gold?

You mean the original gold version? If so, then... No.

Can you trade Pokemon from ruby to sapphire?

Of course you can! You can trade any Pokemon from your Ruby game to these games: Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Fire Red version, Pokemon Leaf Green version, Pokemon Emerald, and if you put any of these games in the bottom of you ds, and if you beat Diamond, Pearl or Platinum you can transfer 6 Pokemon from the Gamboy Advanced game and put it in your ds game. BUT IF YOU DO THIS YOU CAN NOT PUT THE POKEMON BACK! I hoped this helped you! Have fun! ----Tamaki242

Where can you find Pokemon 80 in Pokemon Diamond?

Well unfortunately you can not catch it in diamond. The Pokemon is slowbro if you did not know and if you really want one you can trade it over from a leaf green or fire red.

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