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Yes you can trade mew to any gameActually yes.I heard that when you trade Pokemon to another game they will became from fake to real.So that mew you want in your Ruby will be real.So its ok to trade it.Thank you
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In Pokemon ruby is there a way to trade without action replay or sapphire?

Without Action Replay or PKMN Sapphire you can trade with PKMN Emerald.

Where do you find Blaziken if you have Mudkip as your starter in Pokemon Emerald?

You need to trade or action replay

Can you get Deoxys in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to either import it from Pokemon emerald, use an action replay code or trade it.

Can you catch the 3 dogs on Pokemon emerald without action replay?

Trade from Pokemon leafgreen or firered

How do you get another starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald without action replay?

trade from another Pokemon emerald is the only chance to obain another starter without action reply

Where is a Charizard in emerald?

trade it or get a action replay

How do you catch growdon on Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant but you can trade it from ruby, sapphire, and emerald or use the action replay.

Can you get a kyogrue in Pokemon ruby?

not without a game shark or action replay but you could trade from emerald or sapphire.

How do you get Swampert in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to trade it from a different game or you need action replay for the cheat code. You can trade if from Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby to Pokemon migration center.

How do you get a cindaqil in Pokemon?

You Have These Options -Trade From HeartGold Or SoulSilver (Real Pokemon Game) -Migrate From Emerald -Action Replay Pokemon Modifier -Gameshark

How do you get all Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get some Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond itself, but the rest, you will have to trade. The Global Trade System will help. Or if you can't help it, get an Action Replay.Action Replay is the easiest way. Action replay is worth it to buy. very useful.You can't you will have to trade from other versions :) or import from ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Leaf green/Fire red

How do you get selebi in emerald?

The only way to get celebi is to use an action replay, or trade it from Pokemon colosseum/gale of darkness.

How can you get mew in pokemon emerald without action replay?

You would need to trade with a friend who has Mew or anyone else.

How do you get past team in slatepot city of emerald Pokemon?

You don't. You either need an action replay or you need to trade.

How do you get Groudon on Pokemon Platinum?

Migrate From Pokemon Ruby,Pokemon Sapphire,Or Pokemon Emerald Or Trade From Pokemon HeartGold,Or Pokemon SoulSilver Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

How do you get Mewto in Pokemon Emerald?

Getting Mewto in Emeraldyou have to trade it from firered or leafgreen Answeru can use an action replay. that's what i did. but trading works too.

Can you get Togepi in Pokemon emerald?

Togepi in EmeraldNo, you need to trade it from Leaf Green Or fire red. you could use a GBA action replay or gameshark.

How do you get shamin without action replay in Pokemon diamond?

you trade it or use action replay

Can you trade Pokemon from an action replay?


How do you get a Gengar in pokemon emerald?

Trade a Haunter from either Fire Red or Leaf Green, or use a GameShark/Action Replay code.

How do you get mew on dimond?

Trade it from emerald using pal park or use an action replay to get it in emerald you need the old sea map from the Pokemon fiesta event in 2005

How can you get mew in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no way to catch mew in Pokemon ruby you have to get him from Pokemon emerald then trade him you need to catch mew by going to a event or you could use action replay

What is the action replay code for Pokemon diamond to be able to trade eggs to another game?

there is no action replay code to trade eggs.

Where is manphy?

in Pokemon ranger or action replay or trade

Where do you get the other starterer Pokemon?

trade or action replay

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