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Can you trade from Pokemon Colosseum to Pokemon fire red?

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no no no no no no no no

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Where is the Colosseum in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no colosseum in fire red.

How do you get Raiku in Pokemon emerald?

trade him from Pokemon gale of darkness for game cube or Pokemon Colosseum or fire red leaf green.

How do you trade key items on Pokemon fire red?

Key items are impossible to trade or remove, except to Pokémon Colosseum.

Where is ursaring in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to trade an Ursaring from Emerald, Colosseum, or XD if you want an Ursaring on Fire Red.

How can you get a Qwilfish in Pokemon leaf green without trading?

you cant get it unless you trade from fire red or colosseum sorry :(

Where can you find hoothoot in Pokemon Fire Red?

Hoothoot is not available in firered you will need to trade one from Emerald or Colosseum.

Where can you find a murkrow in Pokemon sapphire version?

Murkow can't be found in the wild in Sapphire version. You have to trade from Fire Red or Colosseum.

Where is jirachi and Deoxys in Pokemon sapphire?

You can only get Jirachi from the Pokemon colosseum bonus disc.As for Deoxys, you need to trade it off fire red or leaf green

How do you get to enti in Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot catch/see 'Entei' in Pokemon Ruby. The only way to get it to Ruby is to trade it from Leaf Greean, Fire Red or Colosseum.

How do you trade from Pokemon Colosseum to FireRed?

You need to get something that connects your Game Cube to your GBA. There should be a place available after completion of the game where you can trade from colosseum to Ruby Saphire and I think Fire red Leaf Green and Emerald.

Can Pokemon Gold trade with Pokemon Colosseum?

No, Pokémon Colosseum cannot trade with Generation 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow) or Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal) games, it's only compatible with Generation 3 games such as Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald.

How do you trade Pokemon from Colosseum onto Pokemon Fire Red?

I have 2 answers. One of my hunches is to use the link cable from the gamecube to the SP and trade like that. However considering that FR came after Colosseum then i think you have to trade from ruby or sapphire and then trade b/w FR and one of those two. Good Luck!

What do you need to trade Pokemon from colosseum to fire red?

the same gameboy advanced cable u use to trade with the rest of the GBA Pokemon games u jus plug 1 side into the gamecube/wii

Can you trade Pokemon from red blue and yellow to Pokemon Colosseum?

Well to be honest im not sure...... but in my opinion if you have the gameboy advance expancion to play gamboy/advance games then what i think is put yellow/red/blue or red version and trade those Pokemon to Colosseum i hope i helped

Where do you get Slowpoke in Pokemon Fire red?

You can't catch it on Pokemon Fire Red. You have to trade it from Leaf Green.

How do you get the Pokemon Ho-oh in Pokemon Diamond?

Migrate from fire red leafgreen emerald or colosseum

Were is the ruby in pokemon firered?

Someone on 1 island gives it to you. If you think you need both Gems to trade, you may want to try tradeing from fire red to colosseum or xd, then to ruby Sapphire emerald from colosseum.

How do you get Snorlax on Pokemon ruby?

Trade Trade from Leaf Green or Fire Red you have to trade it from fire red to sapphire to ruby to emerald!

How can you get a Growlithe in Pokemon Ruby?

Trade it from Pokemon Fire red

Can you trade Pokemon from silver to fire red?


Pokemon emerald how to get a polygon?

trade from fire red or leaf green trade from fire red or leaf green

Where to catch gligar in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't in fire red but you can in emerald and Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

Where do you find a jirachi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc, you can get Jirachi on ruby/sapphire/emeraldzperiodz Then you can trade Jirachi over to Leaf green/Fire red to do whatever you want with. ~M

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