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Can you trade in two vehicles a car and truck for example on a new SUV?


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2015-07-15 18:27:41
2015-07-15 18:27:41


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That's a possibility. Try to look for some car dealers in the Internet and see if that

bargain is available.


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The acronym for sport utility vehicles is SUV. A SUV is a rugged car that is similar to a station wagon but it is built based on a light-truck chassis.

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There's a truck, a suv, and an armored swat vehicle.

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Chrysler was the first to introduce SUV.

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Most dealers will really take advantage of you if you do that. You won't get much for any of the vehicles. You'll get far more for them if you sell them yourself.

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pretty much any truck or SUV for example. hummers. ford F series, dodge rams, Chevy silvarados, pretty much any big car with a big engine

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