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That's a possibility. Try to look for some car dealers in the internet and see if that

bargain is available.

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Q: Can you trade in two vehicles a car and truck for example on a new SUV?
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What is the acronym for sport utility vehicles?

The acronym for sport utility vehicles is SUV. A SUV is a rugged car that is similar to a station wagon but it is built based on a light-truck chassis.

What vehicles are going to be in dead island?

There's a truck, a suv, and an armored swat vehicle.

Who invented the first SUV truck?

Chrysler was the first to introduce SUV.

Can you trade in 2 vehicles a car and a SUV for a car?

Most dealers will really take advantage of you if you do that. You won't get much for any of the vehicles. You'll get far more for them if you sell them yourself.

What are some gas guzzler vehicles?

pretty much any truck or SUV for example. hummers. ford F series, dodge rams, Chevy silvarados, pretty much any big car with a big engine

Is a Mitsubishi outlander a truck?

It is SUV

Was the envoy a convertible truck to SUV?


Is the Chevy Tahoe a SUV or truck?

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a SUV, but since it is based of the Chevrolet Silverado, it could be considered a truck also.

Why was Chevy Avalanche started?

The Chevy Avalanche was "started" to have an option for both an SUV and a truck. The avalanche is both. It has the versatility of an SUV, but a bed of a truck.

What are advantage of cars?

The advantage of cars are to get from one place to another. Also a car gets a better mpg than a typical SUV or Truck. Cars offer a nice smooth ride and even people do not really have trouble getting into them. However like a SUV some people may have problems that will not allow them to step into a high riding SUV or Truck. Cars are also easier to drive. They are smaller than the other vehicles and have a better safety rating than other types of vehicles

Are all SUV vehicles 4x4?

Not all SUV vehicles are 4x4 because some SUV's are meant for luxury use. Like some Mercedes. But most of the are.

What are the origins of SUV vehicles?

The origins of SUV vehicles goes back to one name and that is Jeep. They have been making SUVs since World War I. They were just called 4 wheel drives then. SUV is a modern term.

Is a CRV a truck or a van?

A CRV is an SUV .

Is a SUV an explorer?

A Ford Explorer is one of the many brands of Sport Utility Vehicles ( SUV 's )

Is a SUV a car?

The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) was originally built on a truck chassis. So the answer is no.

What is an example of classify?

Here is an example. Car, truck, van, bus, taxi, ambulance, hearse, limousine, and SUV are classifications of "vehicle." You can classify just about anything.

Does Cadillac make trucks that are relatively cheap?

Cadillac does not have a relatively affordable truck product. Their only truck is the Escalade EXT which starts at $61,240 MSRP. They also have smaller SUV-type vehicles but they are crossovers built on a car frame.

What percentage of vehicles sold have tow packages on SUVs and Trucks?

that depends on what age truck or SUV is all newer model trucks have tow package as standard as do most suvs

What's a crossover SUV and how is it different?

A crossover SUV is one that is a hybrid between an SUV and other types of vehicles. In reality, it's just a fancy term for a less-substantiated type of SUV.

Is a Lexus truck considered a truck?

it is not a turck it is more of a very nice big SUV

Is a Toyota Highlander SUV a good vehicles?

No because its not a NISSAN!!!

What SUV vehicles have 6.0 liter engines?

Ford Excursion

What is a popular passenger vehicle larger than a car?

Crossover, SUV, Truck, the most popular is the SUV

What is jc Whitney famous for?

JC Whitney is famous for their ability to help with truck and SUV automotive needs. They offer great deals online and have hard to find parts for all vehicles.

Where does a Mazda originate from?

Mazda automobile/truck/suv; Japan.