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yes, at GameStop

Trade your DSi XL and get $100 in-store credit toward the reservation of a 3DS, trade in your DSi and get $75 or trade in your DS lite and get $50.

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How do you turn a ds into a 3ds?

Simply replace all the DS pieces inside a DS with pieces from a 3DS. Or trade the DS in for some money towards a 3DS at a store like Gamestation.

Can you trade a ps2 for a 3DS?

No not even for a DS. A PS2 is worth about $20 in trade

How much does a 3ds cost if you trade in for your ds?

Initially a 3DS costs about $270. If you trade in you DSI you get $75 off. Trade in DSIXL for $100 off. DS lite gets $50 off (if you were wondering)

How much does the 3DS cost when you trade your DSiXL for a 3DS?

in Australia if you go to game the 3ds costs $99 if you trade in a dsi XL console and any 2 ds games

Can you trade a Nintendo DS or DS Lite for the Nintendo 3DS?

While you can't trade an older system for a newer one, you can certainly trade a DS/DS Lite in for credit at GameStop or stores like it.

Can you trade your Pokemon into your Nintendo 3DS XL?

Yes, you can. The Nintendo 3DS XL is the same thing as the original 3DS except it has a 90% larger screen and better 3D and such. They are both compatible for the DS Pokemon games. I trade Pokemon all the time using both my 3DS and my DS Lite. I don't have a 3DS XL, but yes it will work on the XL since it is a DS system.

How much if you trade a ds for a 3DS?

Ds light is $50, Dsi is $70 and Dsi Xl is $100

Can you trade Pokemon with two 3ds?

Yes, it works for all DS systems.

How much do you pay for a 3DS if you trade 2 DS lites?

Depending on where you will do the trade, you may either get the 3Ds free or will have to pay a little bit extra. (Depends on their condition.)

Can you trade a DS or DS Lite for a Nintendo 3DS?

Assuming that you go to a video game specialist store like Gamestop, or a place that lets you trade in games for cash (like Best Buy), *you can trade in your DS or DS Lite, but it will not be enough to buy a Nintendo 3DS.* You will need to trade in a lot of other games also, or save up some other cash too.* 99.99% certain*

Can you trade Pokemon from a dsi to a 3ds?

As long as you have the same generation in both systems, yes you can. ( For example you can trade pokemon from pokemon black on the ds to a pokemon white game on the 3Ds

Can the Nintendo 3DS play Nintendo DS games in multiplayer?

Yes, it can. But DS cannot do 3ds download but 3ds can do DS download.

Can you trade an Game Boy Advance and a ds for a 3ds?

I dont know of anywhere that would value a DS and a GBA together at the same price as a 3DS. so I would have to say the answer is very lightly no.

Can Nintendo 3DS XL be played on DS lite?

3DS games cannot be played on a DS lite. You need a console from the 3DS family - 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL.

Does the DS stylus fit in the 3DS?

no, the 3ds stylus is different build from the ds stylus so the ds stylus cannot fit into the 3ds.

Can you use the 3ds charger for the ds?

you cant use the 3DS charger for the DS/DS Lite, but you can use the 3DS charger for the DSi and the same with the DSi charger, you can use it for the 3DS.

Can you trade in a ds game for a 3ds game?

no because it has already been used and its an old game.

Does the 3DS connect with the DS and DSi?

Yes. The 3DS can play DS multiplayer games with any DS.

Can a 3DS connect with a DS lite?

Yes, you can. The 3DS can link with the DS to play DS games but the DS cannot play 3DS games so linking for 3D games will not work.

Can you trade on Pokemon soulsilver to Pokemon diamond and if you can does it have to be on the same style of DS or can it be a 3DS?

Yes,you can trade between soul silver and D/P/Pl,and yes, you can have different styles of DS.

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