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Can you trade pokemon from heart gold to black?

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you can trade pokemon from heartgold to black but you can only transfer the pokemon in heartgold not trade it from black

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You have to get it from Pokemon soul sliver or heart gold or trade.

you cant sorry you cant but you cantransfer Pokemon from heargold onto black.

no you cant but you can transfer Pokemon from diamond pearl platinum heart gold and soul silver.-------Eclipse- Yes, you can. Its the same generation of Pokemon. You cant trade Pokemon from Pearl, Diamond, Soul Silver, or Heart Gold though. Black and White are able to be traded.

yes you can but you cant trade from pearl , diamond , platinum , soul silver , heart gold to Pokemon black & white

no but first you need more then six Pokemon then you can trade but they wont obey you

No. Heart Gold does not contain the data for Black and White Pokemon in its game card. You can, however, send Pokemon from Heart Gold to Black using Poketransfer, which is available after you beat the Elite Four in Black.According to only a select few can be taded to Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Platinum which is rumored to unlock new elements in the game

Only if you want to transfer it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver. Or you can trade for it.

You can trade for one, or you can transfer it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver.

You can't get Cresselia. You can get it by: Transferring it from Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, or Heart Gold. Trade for it.

To get a Shedinja in Pokemon Heart Gold you must trade it from either Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Jacko25

No you can't catch a Dragonite in Pokemon Black you need to trade him from Heart Gold,but instead u can catch a Dratini from Dragonspiral Tower

yes you can trade Pokemon off of Pokemon heart gold or Pokemon soul silver on to the pokewalker

Unfortunately you can't because the black and white Pokemon are not actually in the national pokedex known to heart gold and soulsilver, but you can migrate Pokemon from heart gold and soul silver to black and white although you can't get them back. To migrate Pokemon, you have to beat story mode on black and white and go to the poketransfer lab.

You can't get shaymin in heart gold you have to trade it from Pokemon pearl,diamond or platinum.

you cant directly first you trade it to any Pokemon gba and then trade it to heart gold

Yes you can trade from past Pokemon games...I think only heart gold/soul silver though...

You can't you can only send Pokemon from soul silver/heart gold to black or white

Trade from pearl or diamond :)

you has to trade it from somebody who has heart gold

You have to trade with someone that has Groudon.

you have to trade from heart gold

You can only get him if you have caught him in Soul-Silver or Heart-Gold. If you have done so you have to trade him into your version of either Pokemon black or white. He is not obtainable through the wild.

No but you can migrate emerald Pokemon to heartgold

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