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yes. at least on my insurance company's web site. So see if yours has a website to do this. If you wrecked the car yesterday they won't backdate a policy today.

2006-07-27 23:53:26
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What do you need to transfer license from one vehicle to another vehicle?

Titles, registraions, and proof of insurance.

What if someone hits you and its not his car and there are no insurance on the vehicle?

His liability insurance on his car should transfer to the vehicle that he is driving.

If you buy a used car while using Hartford Auto Insurance will your insurance transfer and what happens to the insurance for the old car?

auto insurance is generally specific to a vehicle. You can retain your policy and any benefits which you can transfer to another vehicle and cancel the old policy or retain the policy until your old vehicle is sold. As always check with your insurance company after all they do want to retain you as a customer.

Does your full coverage auto insurance cover vehicle in tow as well?

The vehicle being towed has to have physical damage coverage itself in order to be covered for damage. A vehicle towing another vehicle does transfer the liability insurance to the trailer or object it is legally towing but the physical damage done to the object being towed does not transfer.

If you have liability insurance on one vehicle are you insured if you drive another vehicle?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy if you have an accident in that other vehicle. However, if you have insurance on your vehicle, and you lend it to a driver (from another household) who does not have his or her own insurance, they will be covered by your policy while they are driving your car.

Do you have to pay to transfer your auto insurance to another vehicle?

No, this is an easy process. You will just replace the old vehicle with the new vehicle. The vehicle may cost more to insure, I would check with your agent to make sure.

Letter to transfer vehicle from one peroson to another?

sample letter of transfer from one person to another

What happens if you wreck a car that you dont insure?

If the vehicle has insurance it will cover damage to the other vehicle but not the one you are driving. Now if you have insurance on another vehicle your insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle that you where driving even though it is not on your policy.

Can Motor vehicle release your auto insurance information to another insurance company?


Can you purchase insurance for a car you don't own?

yes you can have insurance on a vehicle that does not belong to you,you can even get tags for it.youjust cant transfer the title.

Can insurance be transferred to a new vehicle?

Yes. If you already have an old vehicle and if you have insurance for the same, you can transfer that insurance to your new vehicle. The transfer of insurance can be possible under certain circumstances such as: If you buy a new vehicle If you want to sell your old vehicle However, one thing that needs to be mentioned here is that since now you have a new vehicle which might have different features and specifications from your old vehicle. hence, your insurance premiums would be high. And, you need to firstly inform your insurance company about your new vehicle purchase as your insurer will do the changes in the insurance policy as well. Soon after getting the approval from your insurance company and deciding the new premium rates, you can easily transfer your insurance to a new vehicle within 14 days of purchase. Don't forget to transfer your NCB as well. NCB allows you to get a discount on your next policy renewals.

Can my license be suspended for not paying insuranc I placed on someone elses vehicle?

In most states an insurance company must report to the DMV of your state that your insurance is been canceled. This often results in your state suspending your drivers license unless you can prove that you do not have a vehicle, and that the reason your insurance was canceled was because you no longer have a vehicle. The license plate that was obtained for the vehicle must be returned to the DMV. If insurance was purchased for the vehicle from another insurance company, then you must provide proof that you have insurance from the new insurance company. If the actual owner of the vehicle bought insurance from another insurance company, then this should be easy to prove.

Is car insurance on a car you buy free the first 30 days?

No, although if you currently own a vehicle, and have insurance, that insurance will typically transfer to the new vehicle for up to the first 30 days. There is no benefit to not changing your current insurance policy as soon as possible.

Can you register for insurance for a vehicle in another state?

You should take the policy out in the state the vehicle 'resides' in.

Your wife is not on your auto insurance policy She has rear ended another driverand his vehicle was totaled by his insurance company What are your responsibilities?

If she was driving your vehicle, with your premission, it would fall under your insurance and they would have to pay for the other drivers vehicle

How do you transfer a policy in motor insurance?

Call your agent or policy services dept, and tell them which vehicle you no longer have and that you want to transfer that policy (if possible) to your new vehicle, they will take it from your first sentence, and happily assist you.

Can you lend your vehicle to your sister and transfer liability to her insurance company?

Not automatically NO. It depends on why you are lending her your vehicle. If your sister already has Full coverage or liability insurance and you are loaning her your car temporarily while her vehicle is repaired, undriveable etc. Then your sisters insurance policy will automatically cover a temporary replacement vehicle with the same coverage she has on her own vehicle, whatever that may be.

What does collision insurance cover?

It covers damage to your vehicle resulting from an at fault collision with another vehicle or object.

Can you transfer license plates from one vehicle to another?

only if they are custom plates.

If you got a no insurance ticket in a car you drove that is not insured but you have full coverage on another vehicle?

No proof of insurance on the vehicle. Just because you have one car with insurance does not mean that you are covered on any vehicle that you drive. Your best bet is to add the vehicle to your policy, go to court, show them you now have proof of insurance, and you should be okay then.

Do you have to have insurance full coverage if you are not driving a car that you are still paying on?

Yes & No. You still have to have liability coverage, which is the lowest type of car insurance, if you plan on driving another person's vehicle. Because, several years ago, I drove my friend's vehicle and the brakes went out and I rear-ended another vehicle. My friend did not have insurance on his vehicle, so my license was suspended for three months for no insurance. I advised the DMV that the vehicle wasn't mine! But, they told me that it doesn't matter! I should have had liability insurance anyways, if I was planning on driving someone Else's vehicle!

If a vehicle has no insurance but you have fully comprehensive cover on another vehicle is the non insured vehicle covered to be driven?

If it's your vehicle then no. You have to add the other vehicle to your policy, otherwise it is not a covered vehicle. If it's a temporary replacement vehicle then coverage may be afforded under your own auto insurance policy.

What happens to the state registration if you voluntary repo a vehicle?

The license plates are yours to keep and transfer to another vehicle if you wish.

Is it insurance fraud if you dont get your vehicle fixed?

No, if you file another claim on it then it might be.

How long do you have to get insurance if you buy a car with cash from another individual?

If you already have auto insurance on another vehicle, most insurance companies will cover you up to a month while you work on insuring the new vehicle. On the other hand, if you do not already have auto insurance, you had best not be driving the new vehicle until you get insurance. If auto insurance companies find that you've been driving without insurance they will raise your rates when you DO get around to it, and they'll put you into a high-risk group.