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if the are the same tire size then yea if not just transfer the whole wheel rim and tire

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What size tires for a 92 buick lesabre?

205 70R15

What size tires are compatible for a 1984 buick lesabre?

195-75-14 or 205-65-15

Will 22 inch rims fit on a 1991 buick lesabre?

Not with out a lift kit ! You will tear your tires up !

What size tires are used on a 1997 buick lesabre custom?

The Original Equipment Tire Was 205/75-14

Why would 92 buick lesabre limited front end wobble when taking off driving and stopping?

get your tires checked

What is the Most miles put on a Buick?

322,248 on a 2001 LeSabre, then the transmission stopped working. Lots of tires and breaks plus routine maitenence.

What tire pressure should be for a 2003 buick lesabre custom 215 70 r15 tires?

Tires are rated for different pressures. Look on the tire at its min and max pressure ratings and make sure your in the middle. It is written on the sidewall of the tires.

Will 22 inch rim and tires rud on a buick 1997 park avenue?

you'll need to install a suspension kit or the tires wont have clearance to turn in the wheel well...

What size tires does a 1993 Buick LeSabre use?

The Original Equipment Tire Size is 205/70-15 It should be listed on the drivers door post.

What does the trouble code mean in a 1993 Buick lesabre?

Trouble codes in a 1993 Buick Lesabre, or any vehicle are an exciting diagnostic tool. The troubleshooting of the past is minimized. The advent of electronics and computers to automobiles can prevent total breakdowns due to early warnings. The codes can show low air in the tires or major failures.

Will 24'' rims fit on a Buick Park Avenue?

Yeah they will just put rubber band tires on the rim and not alot sounds in the trunk ...

Can only Buick dealers put tires on a Buick park avenue?

Not sure where this came from (unless it was a Buick dealer), but no, they're not the only ones who can put tire on the Park Avenue. The only way they could pull off that kind of scam would be to put wheel locks on your car that only they could unlock (and that you had authorized) and I've never heard of that happening.

HOW FAR CAN A 98 Buick LaSabre GO ON 1 GAL OF GAS?

The 1998 Buick Lesabre equipped with 3800 Series II and 4-speed Hydramatic has an EPA estimated highway fuel economy of 27-miles per gallon. Its city rating is 17. The exact economy of the Lesabre will depend on driving habits, maintenance, fuel type, tires and other factors.

What is wrong when your front end is vibrating on a 1999 buick park avenue?

Either your tires are out of balance or the brake rotors may be warped (usually from excessively tightened lug nuts)

Is a 1999 Buick lesabre good in the snow?

Yes. Buick Lesabres of this generation are known for their capability in the snow. They have most of their weight up front, right over the drive wheels. They are also geared high, for freeway cruising. This limits the torque avaliable at launch, making it easier to moderate wheelspin. The leSabre's long wheelbase also makes the car less squirrely in the snow, keeping it pointed in the direction you want to go. A LeSabre with good tires will do better in the snow than a 4X4 with bad tires.

Will i need to put spacers on my 1998 lesabre if i put 22 inch rims on?

Depinding on the width of both the tire and rim. My 97 buick lesabre has 22s on it and the back tires rub when I hit a bump due to the lip of the fender. May need a fender lip roller tool for the rear. The front should be fine.

What could cause a vibration at interstate speeds on a 2004 Buick Lesabre after the tires were balanced and new wheels were put on?

It could be torsional vibration coming from the transmission. It would be a very good idea to take the car back to the dealer for them to look at.

What size tires are on a 1995 Buick LaSabre?

The tires on my daughters 95 Lasebre are P205/70- R15

Can you put 21570R16 tires on a 1995 Buick LeSabre?

Can one put 16" tires on a Buick? It depends. If you can find rims that fit the car then any tire can be put on it. Check first to see if they are compatible with the car and the wheels will turn without rubbing. On the other hand the manufacturer recommends only certain tires and if they are not put on the car if there is an accident they could deny responsibility. In some States they have inspections and if the manufacturers recommended tire is not on the car it may not pass inspection. Most Tire businesses can answer these questions.

Why would a 2000 buick lesabre shake on the left side?

There are a few reasons. First check to make sure the tires are inflated to the correct pressure (Probably 35 psi). If that doesnt help your tire might not be balanced. If balancing your tires doesnt work check your wheel bearings. A good way to diagnose the problem is to pull the Lt front and Lt rear tires and swap them. If the problem goes unchanged then it is mechanical if it moves then it is tires.

What size tires are on 1994 Buick Century?


Buick century tire pressure?

You should run between 30 and 35 PSI in the tires on your Buick Century. If you have older tires on the vehicle, you should run closer to the 30 PSI mark.

What size tires does a 1990 Buick Skylark need?

hhe kijm

I have a viberation in my 2000 buick lesabre I have checked everything in the front and rear put new tires on and re-balanced them happens from about 45-70 then goes away any thoughts?

this could be your brake rotors are warped. i had this problem and replaced the rotors and then it was fine.

What size tires did 1976 Buick Electra have?

Most likely P225/75R15s

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