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Can you transfer your AT and T phone to Boost Mobile?


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sorry but you can't. The problem is AT&T uses GSM/UMTS technology and Boost Mobile uses CDMA. Therefor the networks are incompatible. You can use AT&T phones only with other GSM/UMTS based carriers.



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You can't use a Boost Mobile SIM on a T Mobile phone. It would not be compatible. Boost run on iDen technology, while T Mobile run on GSM technology. These two technologies are not compatible with each other.

A Boost Mobile SIM will not work on an ATT phone, even if the phone is unlocked. The technology that Boost Mobile operates on is not compatible with the technology that ATT uses.

A Boost Mobile phone can only work with a T-Mobile sim card if the phone is unlocked. Phones that are locked to a specific carrier will not work with other sim cards.

No you can not. If you enter a sim card that is not T-Mobile it will not read it. If the phone is unlocked then yes.

I don't think boost mobile has sim cards. It's a CDMA network but if they do only if the AT&T phone is unlocked .

Depends on if the phone is locked to a certain provider or not.

If the unlocked phone is an IDEN network phone then yes. If the unlocked phone is a GSM phone, meaning it was previously locked to a GSM carrier (i.e. AT&T, T Mobile) then it would not work on Boost Mobile as this carrier uses a different technology, which is not compatible with GSM based phones.

Nope. T-Mobile is a GSM carrier and Boost is a CDMA carrier. So it will not work. Hope this helps

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YES, you can. IF you have an unlocked code for your at&t phone with T-mobile service. If you don't have an unlocked code, go to your local at&t store and they will unlock it for you, And, you won't lose any information with your T-mobile plan when you put your T-mobile Sim card on your at&t phone.

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