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Not in most cases. Check with your probation officer to be sure.

ok I am going to add to this answer because i freaked out a few times in the last 12 months when i did this and read all these useless post commented on by people with zero experience with it. I have been on supervised probation for the past two years and it just ended last week, while on probation i went to Cancun Mexico without permission from my probation officer on two occasions, traveled domestically using airplanes dozens of times without permission and even asked for permission to go to rome Italy and got denied, went anyway and had no problem, bottom line, as long as you schedule your trip around your monthly meeting, make your payments, and dont draw attention to yourself while overseas you will get away with it. probation offciers are state employees, not FBI agents, they dont have access to tsa records and even if they wanted them they would need to know the name of the airline the fight number etc to check if you traveled, passport records are not available to them at all. the only time they will know is if your license gets run by a cop in another state or u are arrested. behave and enjoy your trip!

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2012-04-01 19:21:03
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Q: Can you travel abroad while you are on probation?
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Can you travel abroad on prison license?

if you are on a prison license and go abroad without permission how will the authority such as probation workers and the police no you have gone abroad?

Can you travel to Hawaii while on probation in Georgia?

I would call your probation officer to find out.

Can you travel abroad if you have had a felony?

Can you travel abroad if you have had a felony? If still on probation no. And depending on what country you travel to you might be turned away at customs. You should contact individual customs office prior to traveling or you may be turned away before you officially enter the country.

Can you buy an airplane ticket while on probation?

Yes. However, your probation may limit whether you are able to travel. Check with your probation documents and PO before making travel plans.

Can you get a passport while on probation if you are not restricted to travel?

yes you can, i got mine..

Last president to travel abroad while in office?

The present one

Can a convicted felon in Pennsylvania leave the state while on probation?

Your probation documents will tell you how far you may travel, if at all.

Can you travel out of florida while on probation?

Sure with the permission of your probation officer. If your officer is okay with you taking a trip or visiting someone out of State your officer can issue you a travel permit.

Can you travel to Chile if on probation?

Don't forget - while on probation you are under the control and supervision of the court. You must ask the court for permission to travel, sometimes even to travel out of state. If the judge approves the travel there should be no problem.

What do you do to request travel while on probation?

Talk to your probation officer. Sometimes they can approve travel if it isn't a far distance. If it is out of state you usually need a court mandated letter signed by a judge

How would you use abroad in a sentence?

I would like to travel abroad for the whole summer.The man wanted to travel abroad.

What happens if you are on misdemeanor probation and travel outside the country but then come back?

This will depend on several things. First, did you get permission from your probation officer? If so, provided you adhered to the terms of the permission to travel outside the country, you are fine. If not, keep reading. Second, were you caught traveling outside the country while on probation? If not, you got lucky and will probably not have anything happen to you, unless someone finds out about it and notifies your probation officer. If you didn't have permission to travel outside the country while on probation and you get caught, you could be punished by anything from an extension of your probation to having your probation revoked and being put in jail for the original conviction.

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