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Can you travel the whole length of the US on the Mississippi River?

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2017-05-15 18:35:25
2017-05-15 18:35:25

The river does not run through the whole US: it only runs through a few states. But you can travel from very near the northernmost point of the US (Minnesota) to one of the southernmost points (Louisiana delta).

The Missouri River (a western tributary of the Mississippi) is slightly longer and passes through a larger number of states, but is not nearly as navigable.
Yes and no. You could from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, but not across to CA or the west coast. It will mainly take you through the center of the country.

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No u cannot travel the whole entire length of the us from the Mississippi river

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No, the Mississippi River does not run the full length of the US, but merely through a few states.

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No, Even though the river basin covers a lot of the USA the Mississippi river and its tributaries do not go far enough east or west to allow you to travel the whole length.

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