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Nickel allergy is one of the most frequent metal Allergies and in some countries 1 in 3 women are affected. But nickel is mostly present in "cheap" jewellery and wedding bands more often contain silver, gold or platinum. Allergy to these metals is less common and has probably developed due to metal exposure through dental metal fillings such as amalgam (silver fillings) or gold crowns. If metal fillings are removed and replaced by metal-free fillings, the allergy can disappear and jewellery can be tolerated again (however this may take years).

Unfortunately there is no real treatment for nickel allergy apart from completely removing the allergen (ie nickel). If your wedding band contains nickel then you could consider getting it rhodium plated - however this will wear off and need to be replated.

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Q: Can you treat a metal allergy so you can wear your wedding band?
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