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Can you turn a diesel car with no turbo into a turbo?

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Absolutely! Just a change of manifold and a slightly larger exhaust and your diesel can become a turbo motor without any modification to the motor kits are available to suit

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Can you put a diesel turbo on a petrol car?


Can you convert a turbo diesel driven car to a petrol motor?

You cannot convert a turbo diesel driven car to a petrol motor. You have to buy a car that uses the petrol motor.

Can diesel fuel in turbo PETROL car make a fire?

It will not run with diesel.

How do you turn up your 7.3 liter diesel without a turbo?

turn up the fuel... signed::the Diesel Rednek

What does 1.9 sdi stand for on a car?

SDI stands for Standard Diesel Injection (No Turbo) whereas TDI stands for Turbo Diesel Injection. Daithi

Toyota carina turbo diesel car that starts but wont rev .?

If a Carina Turbo will turn over but will not idle there can be an air leak. The vacuum lines should be checked to see if there are any holes.

Difference between turbo diesel and diesel turbo?


What does cdti mean on a car?

It stands for Common Rail Diesel Turbo Injection!

Where can I buy a turn key engine for a Gmc sierra 3500 v8 6.5 lt turbo diesel?

Turn key engine for a Gmc sierra 3500 v8 6.5 lt turbo diesel can be bought in Ontario - Kijiji Ontario

What size engine does the Fiat Punto car have?

The Fiat Punto car has different size ranges. Ranging from 1.1 petrol to 1.2 8V. Also 1.2 16V, 1.3 diesel turbo 1.416V, 1.4 turbo, 1.8 hgt,1.9 diesel turbo, and 1.9 multijet. There are also more sizes.

7.3 diesel is better or 7.3 turbo diesel better?

7.3 turbo

Does a 1998 jeep 2.5 diesel have a turbo?

2.5l diesel jeeps have a turbo.

What car uses STP oil filter S3976?

6.7l cummins turbo diesel

What does TDI means on a car?

Turbo Direct Injection. Usually on diesel powered vehicles.

What engine size does the Peugeot 306 turbo diesel come in?

Phase 1 and 2 = 1.9 Turbo Diesel Phase 3 = 2.0 HDI Turbo Diesel

What does tdci on a car stand for?

turbo diesel common rail direct injectionTurbocharged Diesel Commonrail Injection, based on what I've read.

What happens to a diesel car when the turbo brakes?

Depending on what you mean by breaks, if you engine is no longer pressurized the diesel will not combustion in the cylinder. Diesel has to be pressurized before it will ignite, unlike gasoline.

What kind of car does luke Bryan drive?

07 dodge ram 2500 cummins turbo diesel

Does a 1995 VW jetta have turbo?

it has a turbo diesel model.

Can a diesel turbo fit on a volvo 850?

The diesel turbo can only fit on a Volvo 850 with a little fabrication.

Where do you top up the oil on a peugeot 306 diesel?

Depends which model. Non turbo diesel is front centre of engine, 1.9 turbo is also front centre and has dipstick fitted through it, 2 litre turbo is top left hand corner when viewed from front of car.

Can you put any diesel turbo on any diesel engine?


Fuel made from this can be used in diesel cars?

turbo diesel

How much does it cost to ship a car from UK to mauritius?

how much does it cost to ship a car from UK to mauritius...,mazda6 2.0 litre turbo diesel

What is the function of turbo charger in diesel engine?

Diesel cars are relatively slow so the turbo give it that much needed kick