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no the distrubutor drives your oil pump..

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โˆ™ 2006-02-11 03:00:55
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Q: Can you turn a distrubter engine into a distrubterless engine?
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How do you install a distributor in a 1989 Dodge Colt?

it can only fit in one way, take the cap off and turn the rotor button slowly while you push in on the distrubter.

Is the engine fan supposed to turn when the vehicle is turn on?

A fan that is connected to the engine will turn whenever the engine is running, an electric fan will only run when the engine is at the proper temperature, some also turn on whenever the AC is on.

Where in the check engine sensor located on the engine?

There are sensors all over the engine that can turn the check engine light on.

What way does a Chevy 350 engine turn?

Standing in the front of engine it will turn clockwise.

How do you turn off corolla 2010 lights at night?

Turn off engine, pull emergency breaks then turn engine on again.

Can you hand turn the engine to turn over?

yes you can you have to use a socket on the crankshaft bolt and turn in the dirtection of the engine would run in

Can a rusted flywheel cause the engine not to turn over?

No, a rusted flywheel will not cause the engine not to turn over.

How do you turn off the service engine light on a 2002 Cadillac Escalade?

"How do you turn off the service engine light on a 2002 cadillac escalade?" When replacing oxygen sensors, will the service engine turn off?

How do you check if engine is seized?

When an engine is seized up, it will not turn over. The crank cannot make a rotation. Take hold of the main pulley and try to turn it. When you cannot turn the engine over, it is seized.

If the Firing order is wrong will the engine turn over?

The engine will turn over , but either run poorly or not at all

Which way does the engine turn on your 1998 plumouth voyager?

All engines turn counterclockwise if you are facing in front of the engine

Will a bad oxygen sensors turn the engine light on 2004 olds alero?

Yes a bad senser in any vehicle will turn your engine light on. Even a performance air intake will turn your engine light on.

How do you turn off engine warning light?

Get your engine checked

Why does 2001 Saturn SL need gas to turn over?

The Engine can turn over with out gas. The started is engaged and turn the crankshaft, just as one would turn the engine over by hand. For sustained revolutions however, gas is needed to react in the engine chambers

Ford Focus engine?

How do you turn of the engine on a new ford focus

How to get oil out of engine cylinder?

take the spark plugs out then turn the engine on

How do you turn on an engine in Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

To turn on an engine in Microsoft Flight Simulator X press Ctrl + E.

How do you tell if engine is locked up on Chevy aveo?

Battery is at full strength, you turn the key, and the engine won't turn over.

Your car won't start what could it be?

Need more info like, does the starter engage? Does the starter turn the engine over? Does the starter turn the engine over but the engine does not run?

Will engine turn with timing belt broken?

The engine will turn on the starter, or with a wrench on the end of the crankshaft. However it will not run. If the Timing belt breaks, when the engine is running, this can cause extensive damage to the engine.

How do you turn headlights off while conditioner running in the car on a Kia Rio?

In this order only. Turn engine off. Depress parking brake. Turn engine on. Lights will turn off. To turn lights back on relase parking brake.

Why is car temp gauge going up when your ac is on?

when the AC is on it puts more stress on the engine cause the engine has to now turn the compressor. which in turn adds more heat to the engine.

How do you start a engine?

turn the key

Can bad gas turn on check engine light?

Yes, it is possible as you may have a miss. That miss would turn on the check engine light.

How do you turn the engine off the range roover?

If your engine does not turn off by the key I suggest disconnecting the battery and alternator and immediately fixing what is wrong