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Can you turn a non-turbo car into a turbo car?

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yes though you may need better than backyard mechanic knowledge. check the internet for "turbocharging". this will give you a basic idea of cost, what will work and some will give instructions on how to. alot of times they sell them in kits for the do-it-yourselfer. good luck

Of course you can put on a turbo, but you should probably get a professional opinion, and research witch is the best turbo for you.

Find another 93 eclipse or eagle talon in a junkyard and swap the parts from one car to the other and the computer also. And only run 5 pounds of boost. Which can be controlled by a boost controller.

It's possible but potentially very costly. Several things must be considered, including: (1) The current compression ratio of your engine - it will need to be lowered because of the increased air pressure in the manifold and combustion chambers from the turbo. (2) The fuel pressure regulator may need to be changed. (3) The intake and exhaust manifolds will need to be replaced with manifolds that have additional ports for the turbocharger connections. (4) The camshaft will need to come from a turbocharged car. I've seen this question pop up many times in car forums. It's usually cheaper (and safer) to just buy a car that has a stock turbo as opposed to spending a lot of money on turbocharging a naturally aspirated engine.

Correction. The camshaft need not be from a turbocharged car. Often times the cam specs are the same and sometimes N/A cars have wilder specs.

I've installed turbo's on a few cars that were originally NA. It's generally not as bad as many say it is and you can generally just put the kit on a healthy NA motor as long as you TUNE for it. The biggest thing that is overlooked is when you add something such as a turbo the engine will need more fuel/retard the timing. Example of parts:

Turbo manifold, turbo, oil feed/return lines, materials for a downpipe, materials for charge pipes, wastegate, blow-off valve (or recirc valve depending on MAP/MAF setup), intercooler (not always needed if boost is low enough), clutch to hold the power, silicone couplings/t-clamps for couplings, larger diameter exhaust system, engine management (DON'T cheap out and use an FMU or any piggy back system, most vehicles will either be able to be chipped and tuned by a professional or a standalone system can be used and tuned to your boost/power level.

Some things that are a good idea to change while in there are the head bolts. Most times the head will lift under boost if stronger bolts aren't used. Sometimes a thicker radiator is needed as well because of the extra heat the turbo can cause.

For vehicle specific stuff there are tons of forums out there online.

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How much horsepower does a 1984 300 zx have?

nonturbo 140,,,, turbo 200

What on earth is on a 1992 nonturbo 9000 It was the first year of the new frontend design?

a car.

Is it illegal to drive a turbo car with the turbo taken out on your p plates?

no if u take a turbo out of a car it is no longer a turbo charged car

A turbo car is described as?

An car with a turbo installed.

How can you tell the difference between a turbo and nonturbo on a 1988 supra?

Look on the front timing cover. If it says 7MGE it is non turbo, if it says 7MGTE it is a turbo. You can look on back below taillights for turbo emblem. The turbo motors also usually have a black plastic cover over the front of the motor that says turbo. Easy way is look on left side of motor where the exhaust is to see if there's a turbo or not.

Can a turbo car be converted to non-turbo?

yes but you wil need good mechanical knowledge as you would need to do more than just remove the turbo and exhaust manifold the look up what is needed to turbo a car and thing of the process in reverse you wold need to remap the ECU remove turbo, the exaust piping would be changed to turn it in a non turbo and heaps or parts removed and replaced with non turbo parts i would not advise anyone to turn a turbo in to a non turbo as you can have presure issues with the engine and ECU remaping can be hit and miss

Can you have a turbo timer when you have no turbo?

Yes. It can be installed to your car without having a turbo. Your car will operate the same whether you have a turbo installed or not.

Can you turn a diesel car with no turbo into a turbo?

Absolutely! Just a change of manifold and a slightly larger exhaust and your diesel can become a turbo motor without any modification to the motor kits are available to suit

Can you turn a non turbo 4d56 Mitsubishi to turbo?

Most things like that ARE possible, if you're able to throw enough money on the problem. But usually, it'll be cheaper simply to sell the non-turbo car and buy a turbo car instead. There are a lot of other changes than merely slapping on a turbo, and they'll all cost time and money to do.

How many bolts is a 91 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs non turbo motor flywheel?

The flywheel for the FWD tranny should have 6 bolts. The turbo flywheel has 100 teeth and the nonturbo should have 106. The AWD flywheel should have 7 bolts.

How do you get the turbo sound on a non-turbo car?

Buy a turbo

How do you turn a 94 eagle talon es into a turbo-ed car?

You need to purchase the appropriate turbo kit for your vehicle and follow the install instructions or have a mechanic install it for you.

How can you find out if your car is turbo or non-turbo?

If it is, there'll be a turbocharger in the engine compartment.

What is the different between a turbo charged car and a car that is not turbo charged?

Well, the turbo charged car has a turbo hooked up to the engine. What a turbo basically does is to force feed the engine with more air + fuel, making it possible to get more power out of a smaller engine.

1994 honda civic vtec turbo wont turn on what should i do?

Your Honda Civic VTEC Turbo may fail to turn on due to wear on your Turbo.

Can you put turbo onto a non turbo car?


Toyota carina turbo diesel car that starts but wont rev .?

If a Carina Turbo will turn over but will not idle there can be an air leak. The vacuum lines should be checked to see if there are any holes.

How do you know if your car is turbo?

Look on the exhaust system for the turbo unit.

What is a Turbo Larynx?

It is the car the turbo larynx 5000 in the show the weekenders.

Would a turbo exhaust mess up your non turbo car?

yes that's why you should get a turbo

Can you put a turbo engine in an non turbo car?

Yes, this is possible. However, it involves a significant amount of components and systems not currently in the non-turbo car and it is generally easier, less expensive and more reliable to purchase the turbo car (if one is available).

Can you get a turbo car for your first car?

of course you can why wouldn't you?

What gas is used to turbo the cars?

Turbo chargers are driven by the exhaust gases exiting the engine - engine exhaust drives a turbine in the exhaust system which, in turn, turn the turbo compressor.

How much faster does a turbo make a car?

it depends on the turbo. if you put a small one on your car, it could make it slower then not having one on your car.

1984 Nissan 300zx turbo but my headlights breaks light interior lights wont turn on and now the car just cranks over but doesnt turn on?

Check all the fuses.