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Yes, if you want to ruin your credit and still be responsible for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the note.

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Q: Can you turn in a car that is financed and is not fully paid for?
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If your car is repoed and the motor is your motor that you paid for and is not the origonal motor?

The finance company financed a fully operational car, the same applies with the tires and wheels.and sometimes the radio as well.

Is it illegal to part out financed car?

Yes, if it isn't completely paid for.

Is it legal for the owner that financed your car hold your personal belongings until damages to car are paid before repossession?

NO, it is NOT legal.

Can a judgment creditor take my fully financed car?

Not if it is 100% financed or on a lease. A judgment creditor can force you to sell it for its market value, pay the lender what is due on the loan and take the rest.

How do you sell a car that is still financed to a provate party?

Legally you can't ! The car belongs to the finance company until it's paid off !

Calculate the total amount paid for a new car if the car costs 12489 and is financed at 3.5 percent interest for 5 years?


Can you register a financed car?

You can, should, and are legally required to register a financed car.

Jean paid 18489 for a new car Calculate the total cost of the car if she financed it at an interest rate of 3.5 percent for 4 years?


Do you need a loan if a friend is giving you a car not fully paid for?

no you have still have to pay for your car that's what i had to do x

How can you eliminate your auto loan without finishing the payoff?

One way or another, the loan has to be paid off. If you trade the car in, you can get the payoff added to the amount financed on the new car.

What are the car repossession laws in Kentucky?

If you mean how late do you have to be to get repossessed: Usually 3 months if you are financed through a bank or credit union and 1 week if you are financed through a buy-here pay-here. The banks prefer their money. They don't want to deal with reselling a car. The buy-her pay-here's get to keep your money that you already paid, then turn around and resell your car for almost what you paid. They can do this as many time as they want, as long as people get behind. Anyone who has a car loan will fall behind at least one time in their 3-to-5 year contract.

How do you make car start?

Turn on the ignition switch and then turn it fully clockwise until the engine starts.

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