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What Pokemon game has Team Aqua and Team Magma in it?

Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Saphire.

Where is team aqua and magma in Pokemon emerald?

team magma is near the base of mt chimney and team aqua is off the coast of lilycove town

Where do you find team rocket in Pokemon Emerald?

You never encounter Team Rocket in Pokemon Emerald. You will only see Team Aqua and Team Magma.

How do you get the orb from Team Magma on Pokemon Emerald?

You don't get the orb from Team Magma or Aqua. Its unobtainable in game , but you can use Gameshark

Where is team aqua and magma when they steal the orbs in Pokemon emerald?

they went to a better world

Where is the sub in ruby?

there is no sub. only on Pokemon sapphiere and emerald. you have to defeat Team Magma, not Team Aqua.

Where is the team aqua-team magma submarine in Pokemon emerald?

Slateport City. In the Building at the far right.

Where is Team Magma in Pokemon Sapphire?

Team Magma is absent in Pokemon sapphire, but exists in ruby. Same with team aqua in ruby version, both teams only coexist in Pokemon emerald version

Where is the hideout of team magma and team aqua in pk emerald?

Is near mt chimany for team magma and team aqua is in lylicove city near the shore

Who are the bad guys in Pokemon Emerald?

team aqua and team magma, u have to beat them both as opposed to ruby and Sapphire where u only have to beat the team that is the same color of your game(ruby=magma)(Sapphire=aqua)

How do you get past the wailmers on Pokemon emerald?

beat team magma. after releasing gourdon, go to slateport. deal with team aqua. then, go to their hideout.

Where will team aqua or magma be after you defeat team magma in space centre in emerald version?

they will be on the montain, once you have obtained the magma badge

How do you get passed the aqua grunt in front of that cave Pokemon emerald?

First, you have to defeat the Aqua team at Mount Prye, then you have to defeat the Magma team at their hideout near Lavaridge. Then, the guard will be gone.

Is there legend PokΓ©mon in emerald?

OF COURSE! You have to beat team Aqua first. [or team Magma]

Can you be team aqau or magma in Pokemon Sapphire?

No, you cannot be a member of Team Aqua / Team Magma in Sapphire.

Where do you go to get a master ball?

You can get one in team aqua hideout (if you are in Pokemon emerald/sapphire) Or in team Magma hideout (if you are playing Pokemon ruby) It is near the two fake electrodes

How can you find team aqua secret base on Pokemon sapphire version?

its on rought 128 in sappire/team oqua, ruby/team magma, and not shoure what criminals in emerald

Where do you find team magma in Pokemon Sapphire?

U cant Pokemon sapphire has Team Aqua Pokemon idk has Magma. and you can find team AQUA by just playing the game :P Glad to hlp!!!!!:D:D:D

How do you fly to space?

You cant fly to space in Pokemon ruby,sapphire, or emerald. Though you can battle team aqua/magma in emerald at the space center hoped it helped!

How do you join team aqua in Pokemon ruby Sapphire or emerald?

the same answer to the person who asked about joinin team magma...NO! unlessed u hacked or cheat! from GREGELOCITY

Where is team magma hideout and team aqua hideout in Pokemon emerald?

team magmas hideout is where you go down from the cable car, east of lavaridge. aqua is a surf north away from lilycove or mossdeep, i forgot sorry.

What do you have to do in Lilycove city in Pokemon emerald?

Captain will be waiting in Slateport go back and talk to them him. Afterwards the Headquarters of Team Aqua/Magma will be open.

How do you catch a castform in Pokemon emerald?

you can't but you can get one at the weather centre between mauville and fortree city after beating team aqua and magma

Where is team magma hideout to awaken Groudon in Pokemon Emerald?

The Jagged Pass at Mt. Chimney. To get in, however, you will need the Magma Emblem that is found at the summit of Mt. Pyre after Team Aqua and Team Magma steal the Red Orb and Blue Orb.

Which is harder to beat in emerald team aqua or team magma?

It actually depends on your team and their weaknesses; the Fire/Dark types from Magma and Water/Dark types from Aqua. I'd say they are about the same with a good team.