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Guys, does the blank screen appears on your PSP after you turn it on and nothing happens no matter whatever you do to it then your PSP is Bricked. Don't worry at all because you will be able to play your favorite games again. First i want to tell you that there are two reasons by which your PSP can be bricked, one while installing the update the PSP is switched off and two when you try to downgrade the firmware version. Your PSP can be unbricked all you need to do is you need the PSP Pandora battery and the Magic memory stick combo.

I am gonna tell you more about advantages of Unbricked PSP & genuine online Pandora Battery & Magic memory stick dealer.

A "bricked PSP" does not have the correct files to boot up properly and wont do anything when you turn it on. The Pandora battery is also known as the "Jigkick" battery or " TOOL" battery, by using the Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick you can downgrade the firmware and play , unbrick (unlock) your PSP or install your own custom firmware. Also, you are open to play Homebrew games and application after unbricking your PSP. Apart from Homebrew games available for the PSP user who has gone through the PSP Downgrade process but there are also many "old school" games that you can play on you downgraded PSP, games like Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and many more. The benefits of doing a PSP downgrade are numerous, the free games and applications, the DVD's that you can back up and watch on your PSP.

There are dozens of online psp Pandora battery and magic memory stick dealers from where you can buy the Pandora Battery and magic memory stick combo but i recommend you to check out, this is where i got my PSP unbricked. They guided me throughout the process with Technical Support and prompt reply.

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Q: Can you unbrick a PSP and if so how?
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Could you unbrick a PSP 3000?

Yes you could unbrick a psp 3000 and 3000 slim

How can I unbrick my PSP that does not have a Pandora battery?

use psp tool

Can you unbrick a fully bricked PSP?

There is currently no way that anyone person with jus 1 PSP can unbrick there console, but if u have two - or even a spare battery - then you may be able to unbrick with Pandora.

Is it possible to unbrick PSP-2000 TA088v3?

Sorry, but it's impossible right now to unbrick PSP Slim TA-088v3. You may want to trade your PSP or replace the motherboard to hackable.

How do you hack my PSP?

You need to unbrick your psp, for this you have to have the Pandora Battery and magic memory stick.

What is unbrick and bricked for the PSP mean?

a "bricked" psp means the psp does not have the correct files to boot up properly a bricked psp wont do anything when you turn it on to "unbrick" is to put the correct files on the PSP without it booting up normally

How do you downgrade a psp 5.51?

a psp can be downgraded only by a pandorama battery and a magic memory card .they can unbrick the frimware of a psp .

How do you unbrick a PSP software repair or hardware repair?

You can phyisacly

If you lost your pass code for a sony psp what should you do?

unbrick it

Can you unbrick a psp 2004 slim?

use Pandora battery

How do you unbrick a psp without using Pandora's battery?

HOW-TO: Restore a battery used for unbricking - unbrick without buying a spare! If you only have one battery and want to unbrick your PSP, you can. Team C+D's Pandora Battery - PSP Unbricker Videos

How do you brick and unbrick a slim psp?

woah...once its bricked its gone

My psp has bricked and i cant access the recovery menu How i can Unbrick it?

i have the same trouble

My psp is bricked but i can still use usb cable to connect to my PC How do i unbrick my psp using my PC?

You can still use your cable, but to unbrick your PSP you need the Pandora Battery and Magic memory stick. The cheapest price is through They also offer free postage worldwide

How do you unbrick a bricked psp 3004?

Sony knows it well and many around the havkers so ask them help one giy knew but was nafraid to tell

How do you connect to the PSP Flash to unbrick it?

you will need a mod chip to do it but theres other ways check it out at

How do you unbrick your fully bricked psp slim?

Yes but you need th Pandora battery and magic memory stick.

How do you unbrick a PSP?

You need yo make a Pandora's Battery and Magic Memory Stick. But you will also need to have (or borrow from a friend) a psp with custom firmware. Heres a link on how to make both.'s_battery

How do you unbrick PSP 2004 date code 8c?

my psp 2004 date code 8c has 5.03 chickhen r2 i tried to update it to 5.50 gen-d2 when the update is complete,i shutdown it.then, when i turn on the psp, it has black screen no response. what should i do>>>>>

What will you do if your PSP bricks?

Unbrick one with a Pandora battery and memory stick. if the hardware is intact, then it will most likely fix it. you may need a friend with a hacked psp to do this. may provide you with the battery and memory stick to do this for a reasonable price.

How do you unbrick a fully bricked psp 2004 without Pandora battery or magic memory stick?

You need some form of service mode battery. When a PSP is bricked, the firmware has been corrupted. Because it can no longer boot up, you need a way to put it into service mode so the firmware can be reinstalled. The only way to do this is via a special battery. Without it, you can't do anything to a bricked PSP.

Is your PSP permanently bricked if it wont unbrick Green light comes on once mms is inserted with Pandora than shuts off?

Hi i have a psp and it was bricked,i searched alover the internt (almost). I found out how to unbrick it first press and hold the home button or the ps logo (bottom left) and turn power on hold it for a few seconds and it should com on(well hopefully) Hope it helped. send me feed bak if it worked.:D

Is it possible to unbrick PSP 2006?

Yes, If its hackable it is. Either use Pandora And Magic Memory Stick. Or Put "Hellcats Recovery Flasher 1.60" on your memory card and load it in the recovery menu.

Is it easier to downgrade psp to 1.5 firmware or just get custom firmware. i have only had the psp for a week so i don't really want to take the risks of getting custom firmware?

Um, I would suggest to pay someone 20$ for them to put custom firmware. the latest firmware has a lot more functions compared to the 1.50. For example a skype function, a rss function. Internet radio, etc. You are not running any risks, if someone bricks your psp - you can unbrick it, so don't worry.

How do you unbrick a bricked psp?

Now there is a special battery released that can downgrade/unprick any PSP. Just go on to Google and search 'PSP Pandora Battery' and you'll soon find out how to do it. Note that you will require a working PSP that is already capable of running homebrew to do it dunbass. OR You can just buy this service and this guy can do it for you at a small fee. I personally did this to unbrick my PSP because I didn't want to permanently brick it. ThE AvEnGeR That's my service and you don't need it but I want to catch idiots with more money than sense rather than tell you how to do it.