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No. Once, I locked my keys in the car and the slim Jim did not work. The AAA guy ended up using a hanger-like thing to manually open the door. Another time the AAA guy used some sort of door "jimmy" (sorry, I don't know the name of the tool he used), which took <5 seconds.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:35:38
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Q: Can you unlock a Ford Contour's door with a slim Jim?
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How do you use a slim Jim on 2002 Ford Taurus?

A slim Jim tool is used on a 2002 Ford Taurus by inserting it between the windshield and door. It is used to unlock the vehicle when the keys are not present.

How do you unlock door with slim Jim 2003 dodge truck?

I how do you unlock the doorI locked my keys in the car if you have a slim jim where would you put it to open the door

Unlock 2001 Ford Explorer?

go get a slim jim. or a hanger.

How do you use a slim Jim to unlock the door of a Chevy Colorado LS?


How do you unlock a 97 Ford Contour with slim Jim?

The old standard "Slim Jim" won't work on that vehicle.

How do you unlock 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme door without keys?

get a slim jim.

How do you unlock a 96 Toyota Corolla with a slim Jim?

How do I open a 95 toyota corolla door with a slim jim? I NEED A ANSWER NOW!

How do you open a 2003 Taurus when the battery is dead and the keys wont manually unlock?

Why will the key not unlock the door? If you are using the correct key it should unlock the door. Try both doors. If it will not work you need to call a locksmith to come and unlock the car door with a slim jim.

How do you use a slim Jim to open the doors on a 2001 Chevy Silverado?

how do you unlock a 2006 Chevy silverado truck with a slim Jim? First, insert the slim Jim in between the door and the window. Next, feel around for the linkage bar that connects the lock to the door handle. Then you jiggle it forward to get it to unlock.

How can a door be unlocked without using a key 1992 Ford Explorer?


Can you open a ford escape 2008 door with a slim Jim?

ive seen it done

Ford econoline door is stuck?

try using a "slim-jim" or the internal hANDLE

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