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Can you unlock your PlayStation 3 so its region free?


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2007-11-25 01:16:06
2007-11-25 01:16:06

not at the moment, no tools have been released


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I got it free because I have Playstation Plus and so can other Playstation Plus members. The free only lasts as long as you remain a member of Playstation Plus and the game is one of many currently free. If you are not a member of PS+ it is not free

sorry you cannot the unlock code as free so you can buy the code from

You can't! You can get game demos for free if you so chose

You can't. it's a paid service, so you can't get it for free.

i don't think so. UK is a pal region and us is a ntsc region. I've had a bad run in with that, i got a free game i had won from Nintendo. but since my wii is ntsc, and the free game was pal , the game i got would not work

Yes, you need a PlayStation Network account so you can go to the PlayStation Store and download it. The download is free, and a PlayStation Network account is free. You will not even need to input a credit card number.

I doubt it. The PS1 and PS2 are region-encoded, so only games from the same region as the console will work. Yes, im 99% sure that ps2 and ps1 games are not region encoded.

It sells for $14.95 at the PlayStation Store so it is not free and it seems so cheap an item to be banned over

The Playstation Now feature on Playstation 4 is a feature that allows you to stream PS3 games on your PS3 for free, but it requires a monthly, half yearly, or yearly subscription to do so.

It is not the Playstation 3 network that you can get a free month of. The Playstation Network is free. What you can get free is a 30 day membership in Playstation Plus when you purchase a new PS3. It is not that much of a benefit as you can get a full year of Playstation Plus for only $50 or $18 for a 3 month trial. Playstation Plus gives you discounts and free offers from the Playstation Store and is not needed for any online game playing. PSN + also has an automatic update feature for the PS3 and the games so you never have to wait while the system or game is updated before you play

For the most part it is, it mostly depends on what game your playing or what you may be doing, but I would have to say that 95% is free and you can upgrade to PlayStation plus which gives you perks,and game purchase discounts. There is no charge for the PlayStation network so it is 100 % free. PlayStation plus has a cost and does not offer better online game play only reductions and specials from the PlayStation store

playstation 3 has free online but xbox 360 has no lag so you decide

The Sony PlayStation entertainment system lacks a DVD drive, so no, DVDs cannot be played, regardless of their region code. However, if you possess a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 designed to NTSC U/C (United States/Canada) games, it will be capable of playing back Region 1 DVDs. These models typically have a model number ending in 1 (eg. SCPH-50001).

Yes, a PSN account is free and so are the demos.

It actually costs $9.99 ( U.S DOLLARS ), so it isn't free.

We have a free enterprise system.

Mostly it is free demos. Everything at the PlayStation Store has a price and you purchase it. Some things the price is free so you do not pay. There are Demos games and add ons in this category and I expect there will be more when the network comes back on

Yes. For whatever reason, Australia and Europe are considered to be in the same region, so regional lockouts do not come into play.

No. PlayStation 2s are region-coded, so games released in one area (North America) cannot be played on another region's (Europe) consoles without the use of a modchip.

PlayStation 3 games do not have region lockouts. You can play PS3 games from any region on PS3 systems from any region. Regions do not matter, so you can use a PS3 from any region anywhere.

You go to the PlayStation Store if you have an online connection to your PS3. If you click the welcome back there will be the different items available at no cost like 30 day PlayStation Plus membership, Free game one , Free game 2, and some other items including a free PSP game download. It's set up so first you order the free item then you order the actual item. The is also a free 100 items to those who log into PlayStation home.

Import games are generally video games imported from a different region (for example, from Japan to the United States). Although some video game companies have taken steps to prevent this from happening, such as region locking their consoles so only games from the region the console was purchased can be used, some game companies, such as Sony with the PlayStation 3, have allowed their consoles to be region free.

No, the games are region locked. Like the games I bought in the US have the number 1 on the side, so your PS3 would have to be region code 1.This answer is infact, wrong. The PS3 is region free. Meaning games from all around the world can be played on it. The only things which wont work on your ps3 because of a region lock are PS1 games, PS2 games and Blu-ray films.Sources: I have been abroad numerous times and bought PS3 games. They have all worked.

To unlock the steering wheel on a 1993 Honda place the key in the on position. Doing so will free the steering wheel.

It comes out the 6th of June 2011 you can get it for free from the playstation store as a gift for being offline for so long. It comes out June 10 2011 and cost $15 at the PlayStation Store

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