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not at the moment, no tools have been released

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โˆ™ 2007-11-25 01:16:06
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Q: Can you unlock your PlayStation 3 so its region free?
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Is just cause 2 is free on PlayStation store?

I got it free because I have Playstation Plus and so can other Playstation Plus members. The free only lasts as long as you remain a member of Playstation Plus and the game is one of many currently free. If you are not a member of PS+ it is not free

How can to get a free code to unlock your Motorola phone?

sorry you cannot the unlock code as free so you can buy the code from

Where can I play PlayStation games for free?

You can't! You can get game demos for free if you so chose

How do you get playstation plus for free?

You can't. it's a paid service, so you can't get it for free.

How do you get free PlayStation plus?

You can't. it's a paid service, so you can't get it for free.

Can you unlock a region lock on a UK Nintendo Wii so that it can play US games?

i don't think so. UK is a pal region and us is a ntsc region. I've had a bad run in with that, i got a free game i had won from Nintendo. but since my wii is ntsc, and the free game was pal , the game i got would not work

Do you have to have PlayStation network to be joker in batman arkham asylum?

Yes, you need a PlayStation Network account so you can go to the PlayStation Store and download it. The download is free, and a PlayStation Network account is free. You will not even need to input a credit card number.

How can you get escalation for free on ps3?

It sells for $14.95 at the PlayStation Store so it is not free and it seems so cheap an item to be banned over

What is better a PlayStation 3 or X-box 360?

playstation 3 has free online but xbox 360 has no lag so you decide

Will an American PlayStation 1 game work on an English PlayStation 2?

I doubt it. The PS1 and PS2 are region-encoded, so only games from the same region as the console will work. Yes, im 99% sure that ps2 and ps1 games are not region encoded.

Do you get a free month of PlayStation 3 network?

It is not the Playstation 3 network that you can get a free month of. The Playstation Network is free. What you can get free is a 30 day membership in Playstation Plus when you purchase a new PS3. It is not that much of a benefit as you can get a full year of Playstation Plus for only $50 or $18 for a 3 month trial. Playstation Plus gives you discounts and free offers from the Playstation Store and is not needed for any online game playing. PSN + also has an automatic update feature for the PS3 and the games so you never have to wait while the system or game is updated before you play

Is 'Fancy Pants' free on PlayStation Network?

It actually costs $9.99 ( U.S DOLLARS ), so it isn't free.

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