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Q: Can you update from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 for free?
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How do you upgrade Windows 98 second edition?

That depends on the type of "upgrade" you are referring to. Windows 98 can be upgraded to Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP by inserting the CD while Windows is running and running the setup program. Updates to Windows 98 can be downloaded via Windows Update, though no new updates have been or will be released since 2006.

Which version of windows was first to be released after windows 98?

Windows 98 was released on 25 June 1998. Windows 2000 was the next release, 17 February 2000.

Can you install Windows 2000 Professional on Windows 98?


How do you remove the TROJ STARTPAGE L virus under Windows XP?

microsoft has a tool to get rid of the virus. i went to the windows update and it only works for windows 2000 and later. it will not work on windows 95 or 98

Is windows 98 SE newer than windows 7 Home Premium?

No - after Windows 98 came Windows Me & Windows 2000 - then Windows 7.

Is Windows 98 free to download?


Will computer games for windows 3.1 Windows 2000 or Windows 95 work in windows 98?

Most games written for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 will run on Windows 98. Games that were only written with Windows 2000 or later in mind will usually not run on Windows 98.

Why does YouTube NOT run on Windows 98?

You can download patches and Java and it should work. Update windows.

Is windows 2000 a significant rewrite of the Windows 98 kernel?


Can you run MojoPac on Windows 98?

No. Only Windows XP is supported; Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are not supported and are not planned to be in the future.

Which is newer windows xp or windows 98SE?

Windows XP is newer, it came out in 2001, Windows 98 SE came out around '98 to 2000.

What applet in the Windows 2000 Control Panel do you use to stop a PC card before removing it In Windows 98?

add/remove hardware for Windows 2000 Pc Card icon for windows 98

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