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Can you use Kingston 1GB ddr2 667MHz on a P4VXASD2 motherboard?


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2007-07-13 14:10:37
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Im afraid this is not possible. This motherboard takes DDR and / or SD ram, not DDR2.

Both SD and DDR can not be used at the same time. IMHO DDR would be the better choice.

Max allowed would be 2Gb (ddr 266 or ddr 200 buffered)
Max allowed is 1Gb, unbuffered.

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It is a form, speed and type of memory.

One can purchase 2GB DDR2 667MHz, at several online sites. Some of these online sites that carry this memory are "Amazon", "eBay", "Tigerdirect", and "Newegg".

Unfortunately, no. DDR RAM will not work in a DDR2 motherboard, and DDR2 RAM will not work on a DDR3 motherboard. There are a few motherboards that have slots for both DDR and DDR2, so it is conceivable that there could be motherboards with slots for both DDR2 and DDR3.

In order to use ddr2 memory the motherboard should support it. Check the manufacture website for more information. If it doesn't say that it has ddr2 support, it means that it doesn't have it. Thus you cannot use ddr2 with the motherboard.

I have this motherboard with 1GB RAM but it is DDR. If a Motherboard supports DDR it cant support DDR2.

Yes, it does support DDR2 (4GB per system).

You can use 240-pin DDR2 667MHZ. And this mother board supports dual channel.Hope this helps.

I think, there is an available mother board for Pentium 4 with ddr2 slot.

many Motherboards that have DDR3 slots also contain DDR2 slots. DDR2 WILL NOT WORK on a DDR3 slot, and it should not be forced in. Remember that DDR3 is VERY DIFFERENT than DDR2.

Depends of which you want, I want consider one being better than the other.

No. DDR1 RAM and DDR2 RAM is not forward nor backward compatible with each other.

Kingston Technology 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM is great and has good ratings

You cannot convert an existing motherboard to DDR2. As The Intel Pentium D was actually designed for motherboards with DDR2 RAM (you must have gone out of your way to purchase one with DDR RAM), it should be no problem to move the processor to another board.

Probably. For DDR/DDR2/DDR3 memory, you take the MHz number (667) and multiply it by 8 to get the PC-xxxx number. In this case, it would come out to 5333 MB/sec, which is the amount of data the memory can process, theoretically. The 5300 and 5400 numbers are just approximations of 5333, used for marketing. The really important part is the 667 MHz.

If the port on your motherboard is an AGP slot then it doesn't matter if you have ddr or ddr2

No DDR and DDR2 Slots are differant on Motherboard so cant replace each another

First of all I would choose a motherboard, as you choose RAM and a CPU that will go with your mother board. So if your motherboard is a AM2+ Socket, any AMD AM2+ socket CPU will fit into it and if it has DDR2 RAM Slots, then you are required to get DDR2 RAM

As long as they're the same type (DDR2, DDR3). The speed of the RAM should either be the same or higher than your original since the computer matches all installed RAM to the lowest speed. e.g. my computer currently has a 2GB 800MHz DDR2 as well as a 1GB 667MHz DDR2. But the RAM is set to 667MHz and isn't utilising the full 800MHz on the 2GB.

That depends on your motherboard. Most Prescott motherboards did not support DDR2 RAM.

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