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Not unless you contact them and have them befriend you on MSN. Otherwise, you must download AIM from the America online website.

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What is AIM Address?

like MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger . AOL has one too (AOL Messenger ) which log in id is called as AIM Address . All of them for free, of course. Then you can chat away with friends around the world.

When was windows messenger created?

Windows Messenger was created by MSN in 1999. It was then the competitor of AOL Instant Messenger. It was later known as MSN Messenger.

What is use of MSN messenger?

MSN Messenger is used to chat, either by text or video, with family and friends who are also using MSN Messenger.

How can you chat gtalk yahoo MSN Messenger in one window?

Hi now Juslol is providing us to access chat Gtalk, yahoo, MSN and AOl in the same window for free. Just open this website and login for free and then you can access your yahoo, gtalk, msn and AOL chatting in a single window at a time.

Can you do video chat on msn without dowloading messenger?

you can't you HAVE to download messenger to video chat

If you have MSN Messenger 7.0 can you chat with friends who use windowslive messenger?

yes i have been using the first msn messenger for along time and all my friends have the newest version and i can still chat to them.

Can you video chat between a Windows and mac?

Yes. The Windows PC can video chat via several applications such as MS Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Gmail chat, and AOL Instant Messenger. The Mac can video chat through several of these. Between Macs the Apple application iChat is used. This uses the AIM network and can also talk to Windows AOL Instant Messenger users. Both Macs and Widows computers can video chat via SKYPE and Gmail. For Mac, there is an application called aMSN which can video chat to Windows MSN.

What is AOL Instant Messenger?

An instant messenger is a program used to quickly and easily communicate with friends and family over the internet. They are commonly used to send messages, initiate real-time chat or send files. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM for short) is AOL's branded instant messenger. Other Instant messengers include ICQ MSN and Yahoo Messenger.

How do you download MSN Messenger?

First you go to msn and on the top they will give you three choices "hotmail" "Messenger and "My Msn" you have to click "Messenger" when you click "Messenger"on the right hand corner it will say "Download" when you click it it will say RUN you have to click. After that you just wait for it to download. Later you can enjoy the lovely facilities of messenger and video chat call and regular chat!

Want to chat with mukesh ambani?

Go and search in the MSN messenger, Skype etc.

Why are your college friends not on MSN Messenger?

Here are some reasons they are not on MSN Messenger:They did not register them self on MSN Messenger.You may have the wrong MSN Messenger ID.They might not know MSN Messenger.I hope this will help you.

How do you go on MSN with webcam for live chat?

To use a webcam with MSN on a Mac you need the latest version of Messenger. (See links below)

What is the MNSmessanger?

Msn messenger??? its a social chat site where u can talk to ur friends like fb but it only has chat. hope this helps :)

Is AOL instant messenger a good way to talk to buddys?

well yes its like any other instant messenger programs like msn so yeah it is good

Whats better windows live or MSN Messenger?

Windows Live is used to connect people to people in a more then Instant Messenger way. Such as for Gaming, or Video Chat/Voice Chat, or file Sharing. MSN Messenger Now uses the same technologies as Windows Live without the Next-Gen Gaming Connectivity I PERSONALLY HAVE TO SAY WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER

How do you get MSN Messenger on apple computers?

To get MSN Messenger on a Mac you need to download the MSN Messenger software (see link below).

How do you get MSN messenger for Mac?

MSN Messenger for Macs can be downloaded from Microsoft's MSN Messenger for Macs page (See links below).

Can you still chat with people on AIM Messenger if you have MSN Messenger?

Yes, just add their contact address to your contact list. If that fails try adding your account to the AIM Messenger first.

Are there any other webcam programs besides skype and ooVoo?

Yes there are many other programs that use webcams, I assume you mean for chatting not recording yourself here are some of the main ones: Camfrog Video Chat MSN Messenger Google Talk in Gmail Omegle AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

How to do voice chat without downloading any software?

On Windows. It should come with msn messenger which has voice chat in it (which is not very useful because then the other person needs msn as well)On Mac: It comes with I-Chat which I think has voice chat on it (but again the other person needs I-Chat too)Short of that, use a phone?

Who is blocking you on MSN Messenger?

Go to to see who has blocked you on msn messenger.

How do you chat with someone who has a windows on msn on a webcam if you have a mac?

You can actually download Windows Live Messenger for Mac here:

What is the difference between MSN messenger and MSN hotmail?

MSN Messenger Is Chatting, Webcam And Microphone As MSN Hotmail Is Just You Inbox And Your Space,

Is there a messenger like MSN?

Microsoft's Messenger for Macs (See links below) is quite like MSN Messenger.

Where can you download MSN Messenger 9.5?

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