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Can you use O2 mobile broadband to connect my PS3 to the internet?


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internet connection on the PS3 requires Broadband WiFi or Ethernet Cable Connection and not a connection trying to use USB Port

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no, the PS3 can just connect to the internet if you have broadband internet service

No you can not use a phone to provide an online connection

No Cricket can not provide PS3 internet. A PS3 must connect with WiFi or Ethernet Cable to the internet and the service must be cable broadband or DSL

No, because you can not connect the phone to the PS3 with either WiFi or ethernet cable. Those are the only method of PS3 internet connection.

No you can not connect the PS3 to the internet with a phone

no it does not. You must purchase a Broadband internet service and related connection devices and set up the Internet connection on the PS3 before the PS3 can connect to the internet

You connect the PS3 to the internet with Broadband internet service and a cable or DSL modem and router. see related link

you don't PS3 must connect with ethernet cable or WiFi for the internet

I don't see how the Laptop would not send a WiFi signal to the PS3 or connect with an ethernet cable, besides the PS3 needs cable or DSL broadband

Because the PS3 can only have an Internet connection with WiFi and ethernet cable from Broadband internet service. You can never use the USB port to connect to the internet or connect from phones or dial up service

No it must be a broadband router and can not connect to the PS3 USB plug

Check out IVC Telecom's internet plans. Fast and cheap for gaming.

The PS3 must be connected to a broadband internet service with WiFi or an ethernet cable. The USB ports will not allow an internet connection

Yes NO You need to connect your PS3 to to a Broadband internet and a Modem or router. Your computer is also connected to the internet. The PS3 must be connected with WiFi or ethernet cable to the internet.

You must have a broadband internet service and if not DSL it must be cable because the PS3 can not be connected to the internet using the USB ports. You must connect either with WiFi or with an ethernet cable.

Yes that is correct the only way you can connect a PS3 to the internet is either through the Ethernet cable or through the WiFi wireless connection to a Broadband internet service. The USB ports can not be used to connect the PS3 to the internet in any manner.

You can not use a USB to connect the PS3 to Broadband only WiFi or ethernet cable

You can not because the dongle requires a USB connection and the Sony PS3 USB ports can not be used to connect the PS3 to the internet. Instead of a USB port the WiFi or ethernet connection must be used to provide an internet connection for the PS3.

If. U have android download quick settings and then settings get wifi hotspot turn on and connect to ps3.

You have to have broadband to play online games..therefore , yes

Yes, simply connect your ps3 ethenet cable to your laptop, 1. Insert the 3g mobile broadband dongle into your laptop or PC usb port. 2. Install your 3g mobile broaband 3. click connect on your 3 mobile broadband. 4. Go to your Network and sharing centre. 5. On your network and sharing centre click on [view status ]on your right hand side of your 3g local internet connection. 6. On your status click on [properties] 7. On properties click on [sharing] at the top righthand side. enable the box at the left hand side, underneth it is the HOME NETWORKING CONNECTION, click on it and select (Local area connection) and click ok and close all the folders. 8. Disconnect the 3g broadband and connect it back. 9. Go back to you ps3 and go to: Network settings.. run the test connection and it will say successfull and enjoy ur online connection GOODLUCK.

After you have broadband or DSL internet service then you need to purchase the equipment needed to connect the PS3. The PS3 can be connected only with WiFi or an ethernet cable to your modem or router

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