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I am not certain on T-90 my tv installer said to use rg 59 i am not certain why.

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Q: Can you use T-90 coax cable for satellite TV?
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Is rg6 coax cable the best to use for satellite tv in home?

For Dish Network, we use RG6 coax cable to allow a higher frequency range for the satellite signal from the dish to your receiver. Any coax cable not rated at RG6 could affect the signal.

Can you use any coax cable for satellite tv?

This would depend upon your TV and the receiver and if it has a coax port available on the back. You can use an RG6 coax cable between the receiver and TV. Most newer HD receivers do not have a coax port on the back

What kind of coax cable do i use rg58 or rg59 or wat type?

The type coax you need depends on the type service you have. For satellite service, we use a higher rated coax cable (RG6) to allow for a higher frequency for channels and back feeding capability. RG59 is a lower rated cable.

What is the cable used for linking the satellite cable antenna to the receiver?

We use a RG6 coax cable from the dish to the receiver. The cable used between the receiver to the TV varies.

Which RG rating of coax is used for cable modems?

Cable modems use RG-6 coax cables.

How do you add annother tv to a dish network box?

Depends which connections you would like to do. In most cases you are unable to use multiple component or HDMI connections at the same time. In this case, your only option would be to use a satellite splitter & satellite cable that looks similar to coax (cable that the cable providers use).

How do you connect coax audio cable to RCA port?

Typical coax cable uses a different standard than RCA. You will need to use a converter box.

What type of LAN architecture will coax use?

It could be star or bus, but historically, coax cable was used in bus architecture.

Can you route a coax cable before it plugs into the modem so that you can use two modems on one coax cable?

No. The cable provider has to authorize the other modem on the network before it can be used, and they will not do that, since they want you to pay for another cable installation.

Can you use satellite cable as coaxial cable?


What is the difference between TV coaxial cable and satellite coaxial cable?

For use with satellite TV and Cable TV you must use RG 6 coaxial cable. If you have older wiring in your home you may have RG 59, which is not recommended for use with satellite television.

Use coax in a sentence?

The word "coax" has two very different meanings:1. She tried to coax the kitten out from under the sofa, but it was frightened.2. My cable TV signal comes into my house on a coaxcable. [short for coaxial]

Can you use coax cable as interconnect cable?

It depends on what you are trying to connect. If you were more specific, then answer could be more specific.

What is the practical use of baseband coaxial cable?

Iam pretty sure that baseband coax was 50 ohm and was used for networking computer, were broadband coax is 75 ohm and used in the cable tv industry.

Can a DMM be used as a simple coax tester?

You can use the DMM to test continuity in the cable.

How do you hook up dish 522dvr to a vizio lcd tv?

You can use RCA cables or coax. You will see on the back of your Dish receiver a TV out for either coax or the RCA cables out, then plug the cable into the input of your TV. Be sure to tune your TV to whatever input you choose to view dish satellite programming.

Can you use satellite receiver for digital cable?


Does a cable box work with satellite dish?

No, it is made for use with cable only.

How do you set up your wii and your satellite box to your new HDTV at the same time it's a standard definition satellite and lg lcd tv?

Since your satellite receiver is not HD, you can use either a coax cable or an RCA cable to connect to your TV. The Wii can plug into a composite port. If you only have 1 RCA/composite connection on your TV, you can get an A/B switch so you can have both devices connected so you can switch between the two devices.

Could a BNC Female to F-Type Coax Male Adapter be used to connect a game console to a TV through a coax cable jack?

If you are using the output of an RF modulator (which is not built in to any current gaming console), you can use many different adapters to attach a signal to the coax cable jack. What you cannot do is use a signal that is a RCA composite or component video output from a game console to attach to the coax cable jack. You will need an external RF modulator to generate a signal to appear on channel 3 or 4 of the TV.

Does satellite Internet use a computer modem?

Satellite Internet does not use a cable modem. The service doesn't use cable or phone wiring in the house. There is a satellite on the property and wiring that brings the service into the house. The provider would supply the necessary peripherals to connect to the Internet.

How do you hook up a VCR with a digital cable box?

Older models may be able to use a coax cable. Newer models require rca connections.

How do you test a coaxial cable?

Use a multimeter selected to test continuity. And some have an audible beep to tell if your coax if fine. No beep means your cable is broke.

Which cable companies use satellite tv?

Talk about satellite tv do you know the Dish network? DISH is a leading satellite TV & internet provider offering the best programming and technology at an unbeatable value. Dish delivers the best video anywhere at any time utilizing state-of-the-art equipment & technology & award-winning HD & DVR Technology! check this link for many promotional benefits >

How do you use coax in a sentence?

She plans to coax him into dancing with her.

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