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While there are Teflon lubricants, Teflon (PTFE) thread seal tape is most definitely for sealing threads. There are relevant standards for these and they are UL listed for such use. Typically for propane & natural gas you would want to use yellow thread seal tape. It is thicker than the standard white. I prefer it over "pipe dope" as it does not harden up with time, and it is guaranteed to have even coverage. In addition to it's ability to seal, the lubricating effects of the tape allow easier tightening of joints, further reducing the liklihood of a leak.

2009-08-09 02:46:36
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What type of Teflon tape do you use to join steel pipe to coupler?

If you are running natural gas or propane, gas teflon tape. Otherwise, any white teflon plumbers tape is fine.

Can teflon tape be used on propane lines?

teflon tape is ment for water proofing. But if it is for threds on the line, it should be safe. Dont use to much or to little. Start tape 2 threads back so as not to have tape get in pipe, small piece of tape could get in burner orifice and clog it.

What is teflon tape often used on?

Teflon tape is a colloquial name to a form of tape that is regularly used in plumbing. Its most frequent use is to seal the threads on lengths of pipework.

Is teflon tape required on flare fittings?

No, teflon tape (and pipe dope, for that matter) should never be used on flare fittings. They are designed to seal without tape or dope, and may actually leak if tape or dope is used.

How do you seal cpvc pipe into brass fitting?

Pipe joint compound or Teflon tape

Do I have to use teflon tape to prevent leaks?

There are a number of sealants available to prevent leaks in pipes. If you don't want to use teflon tape, you can use a liquid sealant which will form a seal as it dries.

What can be used to seal the oil drain plug in a lawnmower?

A bit of teflon tape can work wonders.

Is Teflon tape a solid liquid or gas?

Teflon tape is a solid.

Can you use Teflon tape on brake line fittings and can you use standard tappered pipe fittings for hydrolic brakes with Teflon tape?

You do not need tape on any flared fitting, brake or regular. The brake line and the fittings are different size and thread type than regular copper line and fittings. You can't mix them.

Which fitting requires a the use of teflon tape?

Many fittings, except unions, require the use of teflon tape.

When is teflon tape needed?

Teflon tape is commonly used to join pvc pipes in order to prevent leaking at the joints.

Can you apply heat to teflon tape to solder a copper joint?

Yes, you can. I had this very same question myself a few days ago. In order to answer it, I put a piece of teflon tape in the flame of a propane torch. It shriveled, but did not burn or melt and when I stretched it out, it returned to its original shape. I then made a sweat joint inches from a teflon wrapped joint with no problems. You sure want to be carfeul when doing this though. Teflon gives off extremely toxic gas if you melt it.

Is it importantant to use teflon tape?

Teflon tape is a staple in any plumbers tool box. The tape is water proof and does not gum up, causing problems with connection.

Is Teflon tape sticky?

No, teflon tape is not sticky and that's for a good reason. -Most people think of teflon tape as a sealant. However it was originally intended for plumbing use as a sealant AND a lubricant so you can get a tighter connection on the pipe joint.

How do you apply Teflon to fittings?

It's real important to apply your Teflon tape in a clockwise direction which coincidentally is the same way you thread on most of your fittings.. If you apply the tape in an anticlockwise direction it will unravel as you screw on the fitting which will render it useless. To apply , this is what l find the easiest.

Should teflon tape be used on PVC pipe?

Yes. The teflon tape will insure that there are no leaks. Be careful, though: too much tape may cause the pipe to crack.

What type of pipe thread sealant should you use?

Teflon tape is good. There is now a teflon liguid sealer also. The old pipe sealer is still good. I used a piece of radio solder last year to seal a water meter joint when I lost the meter seal. Be inventive.

Should you use teflon tape or joint compound on male PVC fittings for a swimming pool?

Teflon tape only, no joint compound. Two or three wraps is plenty... Yes agreed, teflon tape will make it easier for repairs in the future

What does ptfe in plumbers tape mean?


Is Teflon tape use able on a fitting in a gasoline tank?

Teflon is inert to gasoline and all petroleum products. The problem with Teflon is it cold flows under pressure so that when tightened (when wrapped around your fitting) it will relax eventually and probably not seal properly. This is not something you want where gasoline can leak.

Which website sells the cheapest Teflon tape?

I prefer to buy my Teflon tape from They sell both on their own website and on, and their prices are absolutely unbeatable.

Where can I go to buy paper wristbands?

Teflon tape is primarily used to prevent leaks by wrapping it around the threading of a pipe prior to connecting the pipes together. This helps seal the connection of the pipes and therefore helping to prevent the leaks. This would be a great choice to help stop the leak that you have. For information on using Teflon tape, here is a great website explain how to do so.

How do you loosen a pipe joint that has Teflon tape on it?

With a wrench

Can i use Teflon tape with brass fittings?


How strong is Teflon tape?

Teflon tape is very strong and can withstand high usage. It is commonly used for plumbing purposes such as sealing air and water from leaking from pipes.