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To my knowledge...there is no network server version of XP. The equivalent would be Server 2003. Neither Windows XP Home nor Windows XP Professional are designed to be used as a "server" in a client-server network. However, they can be easily set-up as a peer-to-peer network, and you are free to designate any or all of the workstations on a peer-to-peer network to function as a "file-server"... In other words: choose one of your nodes as the central location for storing files, data, drivers, installation programs, downloads, etc. and share those files with any or all of the remaining workstations. Many networkable programs will function just fine in this arrangement (MS Office, among others). What it lacks is the security features, logon restrictions, etc., etc., that a true client-server network offers. Be aware that Windows XP Home cannot login to a client-server environment (domain). You must have Windows XP Professional in order to be able to login to the server. So, the short answer to your question is: You NEED to purchase Windows Server 2000 or Windows Server 2003 (My recommendation is that you buy 2003... the licence is backward "compatible", so you can always install prior versions of Windows Server software, NT, 2K or whatever, (instead of 2003) if you wanted to, and still be within your licencing agreement.)

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Q: Can you use Windows XP as a network operating system in a client server network or do you need to purchase Windows 2000 server?
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Can you give 2 examples of Network operating system?

Windows Server is an example of a client/server network operating systems and Cisco IOS is an example of a router NOS. There are other network operating systems out there.

What is the most current version of windows client operating system?

Windows 8 is the most current windows client operating system.

Is Microsoft's remote access software available with the Windows Server 2003 network operating system and the Windows XP client operating systems?

RRAS (Routing and Remote Access service)

What is the different between network ability in windows server and windows client?

The Windows server OS has the ability to establish and manage a domain network. A Windows client on the other hand can only join such a network but not control it.

What is a computer that manages resources over a network?

A computer that manages resources is operating as a server or in a "server mode". If it manages the network itself it is a server with server software, such as a Windows Domain Controller. A client can offer resources to others on the network, and in a sense it is operating in a server mode, but it does not have server software installed on it; it is still a client desktop operating system.

What is novell client for windows?

The Novell client for Windows is used to connect your Windows XP computer to a Novell NetWare network.

What type of network is a windows domain?


What is a Windows XP?

windows xp is a windows based operating system it has no serverbased only have client based desktop supporting operating system.

Difference between operating system and network operating system?

an operating system is a individual computer and a network operating system is a group of computers. Many operating systems now can run on standalone computers and also on networked computers. Standalone or generic operating systems are the ones which run on standalone computers like Windows operating system running on a PC. Network operating systems are the ones which run on a server and can be accessed through client machines connected on the network. e.g. Solaris or Linux running on a server can be used as network operating systems. Even there are Windows server operating systems which can be used by clients connected on the network.

Is Windows XP a client or server operating system?

Windows XP is primarily considered a client operating system, though Windows XP Proessional does provide some types of servers, such as IIS and Telnet.

Is Windows 2000 a server or a client operating system?

Both. Windows 2000 is available in both server and workstation (client) variants.

Example of network operating system?

A network operating system, NOS helps computers act as servers while giving them network operation capabilities user administration, print and file sharing and client server features. Examples of network operating systems are Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, Sun Solaris and Novell Netware.

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