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Yes, it will work. For example a 3 ton jack will pick up a 1 ton car. The ratings on a power supply are the maximum.

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Q: Can you use a 12V DC 1A powerpack on a device that originally required a 12V DC 500mA one?
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Can you use a 12V 500mA switching adapter on device that originally required a 12V 2A?

Not for very long. If the device actually requires 2A in order to do its job, then the adapter ... which is only designed to deliver 0.5A or less ... will get warm, then overheat, and then fail. Possibly in as little as a few seconds.

Can you use a 9v 1000ma intsead of a 9v 500ma?

A 9v 1000ma adapter will operate a 9v 500ma device.

Will 9v 500mA power adapter work with your 9v 300mA device?

Yes! It will work well because your device needed only 300mA, but the adapter can afford until 500mA.

For a device requiring DC 9V 1000mA will a DC adapter output 9V 500mA also work for this device?

A device which requires 1000mA at 9 volts in order to operate will not work from an output of 500mA. This output is only half the power requirement of the device.

Is it ok to use a 5v 1A AC adapter for a device when the original adapter is supposed to be 5V 500mA - will it damage the device?

the excess 500mA will not be used, hence, it will not damage your device. Just make sure you have the proper voltages.

Can you use a 9V 100mA adapter on a 9V 500mA device?

No, the 100mA adapter is too small. The adapter that can be used has to be at least 500mA or larger.

Is a 9V 500mA output suitable for a 9V 1500mA device?

No there is not enough capacity in the 500 mA output device to operate a 1500 mA device.

Can you use a 12V - 300mA adapter for a device that calls for a 12V 500mA adapter?


Can you use a 12V dc 500mA ac adaptor in place of a 9V dc 500mA?

No, the 12 volt adapter's output voltage is too high for a 9 volt device.

Can you use a 15V 4A DC adapter for a device that requires 15V 500mA?

Yes, that will be safe.

Can a 12V 2A adapter be used for a 12V 500mA device?

The adapter's voltage must match that of the device, and its current-rating must exceed that of the device. So the answer is yes.

Can you use 12v 600ma instead of 12v 500ma?

Using a 12v 600ma source is allowing 12 volts and 600 amps of power. If the device requires a 12v 500ma source, the larger source is acceptable. Please note that it will only be drawing on 500ma of the available 600ma.

Can you use a 5 volt 700ma charger in place of a 5 volt 500ma charger and not damage device?

yes, it will just charge the device faster..

Can you recharge a 6v 500ma with a 6v 300ma charger?

No, the charger has to be equal to or greater than the device it is charging.

Can you use 9V 500mA adapter for 9v 700mA 6.3VA device?

yes, if the other adapter is a va

WHAT IS A 500mA?

500mA = 500 miliamper 1000mA = 1 amp so 500mA = .5 amps

Will 9v 500mA power adapter work with a 9v 300mA device?

Yes, the supply of 500 mA will supply a 300 mA device very nicely.

Will a 9v 300ma power adapter work with 5v 500ma device?

No, both the voltages do not match and the device draws more current than the adapter can supply.

Is it ok to use a 4.5v 800mA AC adapter for a device when the original adapter is supposed to be 4.5V 500mA - will it damage the device?

Yes. As long as the voltage is the same which it is. The 800mA is the capacity that the transformer can produce safely without going into an overload state. Your original adapter was rated at 500mA which means that what ever device was plugged into it draws less that 500mA. You might notice that the new adapter is slightly physically larger. So you are safe to use the new adapter with the higher rating.

Will A 9v 950mA power adapter work with a 9v 500mA device?

Yes, as long as the capacity of the adapter is larger than what the device needs to operate it will work nicely.

Will 9v 1100mA power adapter work with your 9v 500mA device?

Yes, a 9v 1100mA power adapter work with your 9v 500mA device. The mA number is the maximum amount of amperage that the adapter will produce without overloading itself. At 500 mA the adapter will only be working at half load.

Is it ok to use 9V 500mA on a gadget requiring 9V 400mA?

Yes, the 400mA refers to the maximum current the device needs, the power supply can deliver 500mA so it won't have it's maximum current output exceeded.

Is 5A same as 500mA?

No.5A = 5000mA500mA = 0.5A

Can a 9 volt 800mA ac adapter be substituted for a 9 volt 500mA adapter?

It will be fine the device will only draw what it needs

What is the power when there are 500mA of current through a 4.7k ฮฉ resistor?

p=i square x r = 500ma * 500ma = .25 * 4.7k = 1175 watts