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you can use it in an external enclosure that connects to the laptop using either USB, firewire, etc. However, you will never have enough room to install a genuine hard disk inside a decent laptop case.

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Q: Can you use a PC hard drive on a laptop?
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Is the ps3 hard drive same as the PC hard drive?

It is the same as a laptop hard drive

How much hard drive space should you have on your PC laptop?

A PC laptop should have 750GB hard drive space. This space is needed for storing pictures, mail, music, games and other things you will be downloading on your PC laptop.

Can I boost my laptop with PC parts?

Have to write it here to not get 'invalid context format' The laptop is from 2014 IIRC and has a Dell docking port. I want to make the laptop use the pc parts as if they were it's internal ones, or the pc to use the hard drive from the laptop, and use the laptop for the monitor and keyboard. I do not want to do anything on its inside if possible

Can you connect your Xbox 360 console to your PC?

no, but you can put the 360's hard drive as the slave hard drive of your PC if it is not a laptop

Can you use a laptop DVD drive in my PC?

A 2.5 inch laptop hard drive can be used in a desktop computer with an appropriate adapter and mounting. Laptop CD / DVD drives have proprietary connectors. To use them, you would have to partially disassemble the drive, and then connect the aforementioned adapter.

Where to get a hard drive for dell inspiron 600m?

You can get a hard drive for your laptop at any certified PC stores. Hard drives are created equal.

Can you use a computer hard drive for a play station 3?

You can use a standard Laptop harddrive not a PC harddrive see related link

Can you use a hard drive for all PC?

yes you can but most modems already have a hard drive in them

Can the hard drive be recovered if the cooling fan on a Dell laptop quit and now it won't boot windows?

You'll have to remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to another working computer, laptop or desktop PC. You can use IDE adapter for laptop hard drives - for connecting it to a desktop computer. You can use external USB enclosure for laptop hard drives for connecting it either to a desktop or laptop computer. You'll find instructions for removing the hard drive in Dell service manuals, they are available for download from the Dell website. Follow links for more information about IDE adapter and external USB enclosure.

Where is your hard drive?

Typically, hard drives are mounted in the front of a desktop PC and somewhere on the underside of a laptop. External hard drives will be wherever you place them.

Is it possible to use a PlayStation 2 as an external hard drive for a PC?

No. However, if you remove the hard drive, it can be used as a regular hard drive in a computer.

Can you take the dell hard drive out an put it into an another dell laptop?

yes you can hard disks can be removed from one PC or lap to another.

How do you hook up video games on your PC?

Hook up a USB cable from the system to your hard drive or laptop.

Can you link a laptop and a destop together to increase the perfomance?

You can connect a laptop to a PC through a docking station, but it will not improve performance. However, you can connect your laptop or PC to a server, storing most data files on the server and this will increase performance slightly by freeing up hard drive space on the laptop, or PC.

Can you use a PC hard drive for your xbox 360?

no , however , get a PC because it's better

How do you get Halo 3 videos on your computer?

You have to have a transfer cable from your xbox hard drive to your PC or laptop. the cable is about $15.00 Us.

How many bytes does a hard drive have?

Depending on how big your hard drive is. You can go to "My computer" on your laptop or PC and then right click and go to properties and then a screen will pop up and it will tell you how many bytes it has. :)

How do you transfer documents from PC to your Laptop?

1. use a junk drive 2. use email 3. use a recovery disk

How do you get data off of a laptop hard drive?

The simplest way, is to purchase a ide - usb cable. Ensuring that it has a laptop connector included. Then, take the drive out of the laptop, plug it into the connector, connect this to a desktop PC, and it will become a'new' hard drive. From here, you can then transfer any data off the drive onto a desktop drive, usb pen or CD ROM etc. Hope this helps be safe

What is a good laptop PC and where can it be purchased?

A good laptop PC is the HP-Pavilion Laptop AMD A-Series Processor / 15.6" Display / 6GB Memory / 640GB Hard Drive Model dv6-6135dx. This can be purchased at Best Buy electronics store, or on their website.

What parts are in side a laptop computer?

they generally use all the same components as in a desktop pc (hard drive, RAM, optical drive etc.) but there are "mobile versions" of them for laptops that are often different in their size and power consumption.

What is the use of a hard drive in a PC?

It is used to save things when you need them elsewhere

Where could one get data recovery done on a laptop?

One could do a data recovery on his laptop himself and there are lots of recovery tools and methods found in the internet. The hard drive of the laptop needs to be removed and connected to a working computer then one needs to use a data recovery software or a PC hard drive recovery software like Recuva and Get Data Back. If one does not want to mess around, they can just send their hard drive to a data recovery service like Gillware Inc. and Hard Drive Recovery Associates.

Is the hard drive built into the computer?

It depends. On a laptop the hard drive is built in, but in a desktop PC the hard drive is a removable component inside the computer tower. You can also purchase an external hard drive that is completely separate from the computer and connects via USB, an external S/ATA port or Firewire.

How do you get to your hard drive on a mac?

It depends exactly what version of mac you have. PC? Laptop? Macbook? Which version? Re-ask the question with the missing specifics.