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Can you use a Sidekick for any phone company?

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Q: Can you use a Sidekick for any phone company?
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Does it matter witch Sidekick you use if you want to get the sidekick prepaid plan?

No, it should not matter. As long as you have a Sidekick phone and you want to use internet on it, then register the phone for a Sidekick Data plan.

Can you buy a Sidekick 08 and use aim without getting a plan for it?

If you want to use internet on your Sidekick 08 phone, you would Sidekick Data plan for that.

Do you have to use a sidekick plan when getting a sidekick?

No. You can use the sidekick for texting and phoning and elect not to have the sidekick package which costs an extra 20 per month. It's a cool phone and t-mobile has some pretty nice rates for phone and text only.

Can you use a tracfone SIM card in a sidekick phone?

No, it is not possible to use a Tracfone SIM card in a Sidekick phone. Tracfone SIM cards are specifically for the phone purchased and cannot be interchanged with other phones.

Can I use my sidekick 3 phone outside USA?

You can use your Sidekick 3 phone in select markets outside the USA. Make sure that you have a roaming plan, otherwise you will be hit with large fees.

In the wizards of Waverly place what cell phone does Selena Gomez use?

She uses the Sidekick 3, but they don't sell it anymore. You can get the Sidekick Slide, the Sidekick LX, the Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition, or you can get the newest versoin of Sidekick: the Sidekick 2008.

What kind of accessories are available for a Sidekick phone?

The Sidekick can use aftermarket memory cards, as well as carrying cases and car chargers.

Will an unlocked Sidekick cell phone need a SIM card to work?

Any cell phone that is unlocked requires a SIM card to work. If you own a Sidekick cell phone that is unlocked you are able to use a carrier other than T-Mobile. For this reason, it will require a SIM card to work.

What type of phone does Cece and rocky use on shake it up?

A sidekick LX

What phone do rocky and cece use on shake it up?

sidekick lx 2009

What phone does Selena Gomez use in wizards of Waverly place?

She uses that Sidekick 3

How do you use the word incompatible in a sentence?

The universal cell phone charger was incompitable with the sidekick.

Is it possible to get a sidekick on a prepaid plan from T-mobile?

You can use any T-mobile phone with their prepaid plan, you simply need to install the correct sim card in the phone of your choice.

Can you use a tracfone simcard in a sidekick 2008?

No you can't,i just call the company because i have the same problem,and they told me that i can,t even use my sim card with another track phone,so is nothing you can't do.

I put my SIM card into your sidekick slide but it does not read the SIM card?

First, you would need to unlock the Sidekick. And make sure that the SIM card you're using is GSM-based. Now, once the Sidekick is unlocked, then you can use the phone for calling and texting only. You may not be able to use the data on your phone even if you register the phone for a data plan. Sidekick phones have special data plans that only T Mobile can support.

Can you use any unlocked sidekick with boost mobile?

You can't use any unlocked sidekick with boost mobile because boost runs on CDMA technology but at&t and t mobil use GSM

What kind of phone does Hilary Duff use in the film material girls?

its a T-mobile sidekick.

What cell phone did Andie use in Step It Up 2?

It is a T-Mobile Sidekick LX.

What phone does Wiz Khalifa use on the ATL Freestyle video?

he uses the tmobile sidekick 08

Can you use a Wataniya sim card on a t mobile sidekick in Kuwait?

Sidekick phone cannot be used in Kuwait unless you have a special lock from the country you've purchased it in.

What cell phone do Rory and Lorelai use in Gilmore Girls Season 5?

Rory has a t-mobile sidekick,and lorelai has a flip phone.

Where can one get an unlocked sidekick?

The Sidekick phone is traditionally 'locked', which means the phone can only be used by one specific carrier. Many people unlock their phones to allow use with the provider of their choosing. These phones are often sold on eBay.

What type of phone does Sharpay Evans use in High School Musical?

She has a T mobile sidekick that has crystals on it

What cellphone does the main character of step up 2 movie use?

T-Mobile Sidekick phone

Can you use a att simcard in a t mobile sidekick slide?

You may be able to use it in this phone, the only way to find out is to try it.