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No unless you call the dealer where the car was originally purchased. If you can't do this then you have to remove the stereo from the car and there will be numbers on it. Call your dealer and they will provide you with the unlock code

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โˆ™ 2008-10-28 18:46:41
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Q: Can you use a VIN number to get the radio serial number for a 1999 Acura Integra?
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How do you enter radio security code acura 98 rl?

Open the radio from panel and take Serial number of the radio and call Acura dealer and get the radio code

Acura 3.2 TL Need Acura radio code Radio serial number is 1111 5841?

You can find a radio code in one place. You will have to go to the Acura and ask for help.

How to the Radio code for acura tl that isn't working?

If you have the serial number you can look up the code or have someone look it up for you. If you do not know the serial number then you will have to take out your radio as the number is on the back of the radio.

1997 Acura Integra CD Error code 3?

I had that problem with my 98 integra and I called the dealer and they asked me if I had have electrical problems and yes, my battery was dead so they told me that I have to take the car to the dealer and they will pull out the radio to get the serial number and put a code in the radio so that it would work again.

Code for 1995 Acura Legend radio code for 1995 Acura Legend radio?

I have a Acura Integra LS 1995 with an Acura Stereo, I have the Code but I can Not reset it , what are the steps to reset it? please help me ...

How do you get code for Acura TL radio?

Acura dealer does it for free but may charge you to get the radio code or serial number you can hold two buttons and get the code and just call the dealer or I think you can do it online too once you have the serial for the radio

What is the reset code for 1993 Acura Legend radio?

Go to any Acura dealer, bring your radio with you, and your vehicle registration. You don't have to bring the radio just the serial number of the radio, You should not have to pay for them to get a radio code for any Acura or Honda vehicle. the advisor just logs into Honda site and types the serial number in and it gives them the number NO CHARGE. If they try to charge advise you will call Acura Or Honda and they will back off. I know this to be true I was an Acura Service Advisor until I left for better hours. On some Acura's And Honda's you don't have to take the radio out to get the serial number off it. First step is you turn radio off. 2nd step press 1 & 6 & power button at same time and then let go. it should flash numbers. write these down it and give to serviice advisor he can get radio code using these numbers.

If i have my serial no but i can't find the code to my Acura MDX 2002?

Call acura customer service, give them the vin number, your name, address, and the radio serial #, they will give you two codes which will work for your vehicle.

How do you remove a factory tape deck from an Acura Integra 1996?

The factory tape deck on a 1996 Acura Integra can be taken off by removing the center console. Once the console is off remove the remaining mounting screws on the radio and pull it out.

How do I get my radio code for my 2003 Acura RSX after my battery died?

it will either be in your owner manual, or you can call an acura dealer and tell them your vin and the serial number off of the radio, it is on the back, but easy to remove, and they can give you the code, i had to do it for my 02 rsx

Need security code for radio 1992 Acura Vigor serial?


What is Acura Integra radio unlock code?

They are all different. You need to go to an Acura dealership. I've done it on a few occasions, and they've looked up the code for me for free everytime.

Code for 1995 Acura Legend radio?

with car on Press 1 and 6 at the same time, turn the radio on, then enter the 8 digit Serial Number exactly as it apears on the display.

Where can you find the serial number for the radio in a 1994 Acura Vigor GS?

You need to first removed stereo in order to get serial number, it's a sticker place on the stereo then you need to either call a dealer with vin# for vehicle and serial number for the stereo in order to get code from dealer..

Why is Radio in 2005 Acura MDX not working?

If you disconnected the battery lately then the security system in the radio has disabled the radio the code is on the card with your owners manual if you don't have the card then you need to get the serial number from the radio and call the dealer and he will give you the code number to enter with the radio buttons good luck Cliff

What part of Audi radio serial?

Look at the rear of the radio. Probably the serial number will be there.

How do you find serial number on HD radio?

To find the serial number on an HD radio, look at the back or bottom of the radio. In most cases, the serial number is marked SN and is located on a small plate or tag at the bottom or back of the radio.

I lost my id number for radio?

Remove the radio and write down the serial number off of the radio. Call the dealer with the serial number and the VIN from your vehicle and they can give you the code.

How do you retrieve the radio lock code for a 1998 Acura RL if you bought it used and you do NOT have a card or owner's manual?

you have to take the whole car to the dealer (not just the radio) look on bottom of cigarette ash tray. there is a sticker there. enter the shorter number using the numbers on the radio. should be a 5 or 6 digit number. the other number is the radio serial number.

How do you enter the radio code on Acura TSX after replacing battery?

1.Turn the vehicle's key to the "on " position. 2. Press and hold the present buttons (on your radio) 1 and 6 at the same time. 3 Turn on the radio. - a 10 digit serial number will appear on the radio display. There will be 10 characters in the radio serial #. A U followed by 4 numbers and a L followed by 4 numbers. (Example, your display will indicate, U5132, and than L2134. so, document the numbers, which is your radio serial # 5. Call local Acura dealer to ask for code. you have to provide them a serial # of the radio, it is FREE. I did these steps just an hour ago, it works.

If one bought a Kia Radio from a wrecking yard and did not know it requires a code to operate Is there a default code Is the code imbedded in the radio serial number?

No there is no code on the serial number, you would have to get the code from the dealer with the serial number on the radio.

How do you remove aftermarket radio on a 1995 acura integra?

if it is a manual... rev it up to 6k and pop the clutch. that audda do the trick! happens to me every time! lol

How do you get radio serial number 2000 Honda CR-V?

Remove the radio from the dash. On the back side of the radio you should find a decal with the serial number on it.

I need radio code for Acura MDX 2002 Radio u3000L0789?

You need to get the radio code for an Acura 2002 radio u3000L0789 through Acura.

How can I reset the radio in 1999 Acura?

i just went to the acura dealer today to have my radio reset from the error code displayed after my radio was disconnected from the power. they looked inside the glove box on the side and found the five digit code that must be entered to reset the radio. otherwise you must remove the radio and look on the back for the serial number and then your acura dealer can find the five digit code in the computer system. (this was going to cost me $100 an hour for the acura labor charge!!) check your glove box. The code I have is 62612.....I hope that works for you