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ya of curse you can use the upside down car loan for buying a new car...

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Q: Can you use a car loan as a down payment on a car?
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What is a loan payment calculator used for?

A loan payment calculator is used for helping you to calculate a monthly payment for any type of loan. You can use it for a mortgage, car, boat, cottage, etc.

Can a dealership repossess a car without there ever being a car loan - and down payment made and cashed?

If you have not fully paid for the car, it is not yours. The loan papers allow you to use the car until it is paid for; without the agreement you have nothing.

Can you use purchased goods for construction loan down payment?

Banks do not accept goods as payment for a mortgage.

What info do I need to use a vehicle loan calculator?

A vehicle loan calculator will typically generate your monthly payment. To get this figure, you will need the total cost of the car, the amount of cash you are putting down, the rate for your loan and the duration of your loan.

How do you use an auto loan financing calculator?

To use a car loan calculator, you would enter your vehicle price, down payment, sales tax, term length, interest rate, and trade in value. You would then update your totals.

How do you use a home loan calculator?

You enter in data which generally includes: loan amount, loan term, interest rate, and down payment. The calculator determines approximately what your monthly mortgage payment would be based on the data.

What is the best website to calculate car loan payments?

You can use online websites to automatically calculate your car payment on a car loan. Also, the car company should have let you know what the monthly fee would be when you bought the car.

What is a car loan payment calculation?

The easy-to-use auto loan calculator helps car buyers plan monthly car loan payments. Calculate car financing and car payments in advance to make a smart decision on how much you might owe each month.

What is the purpose of a car loan rate calculator?

The car loan rate calculator is a tool appropriate to use when trying to buy a car. This tool is able to calculate your monthly payment if you put data such as the total amount of your loan, the interest and the start date.

Can you use a boat for a down payment on new car?

Sure if the dealer will accept it.

When to Use an Auto Payment Calculator?

There are many financial tools available for consumers to use free of charge, and one of the tools that most consumers can take advantage of periodically is an auto payment calculator. These calculators will vary slightly, but generally, you may be asked to input the vehicle's sales price, the down payment, the interest rate and the term. The calculator will then provide you with an estimated monthly payment. Some calculators offer more detailed information, such as total interest charges for the loan. There are several key times when you should use an auto payment calculator.Before You BuyEvery consumer should use an auto payment calculator before applying for a car loan, and car loans are most commonly used when buying a new or used car. When you apply for a loan, the lender will need to know what loan term you would like. It is common for borrowers to choose a term that yields the lowest payments, which typically is the longest term available. However, you can save money on interest charges over your loan's life when you opt for the shortest term that is affordable for you. Therefore, use the auto payment calculator to view the different payments for various term lengths. The calculator can also be used to help you determine what down payment amount is best for you.Before You RefinanceMany car owners will make the decision to refinance a car loan. This is most commonly done to reduce the monthly payment, but you may have another goal that you want to accomplish through your refinance. You can use the auto payment calculator to calculate monthly payments and total interest charges for the loan. This information can help you to decide if refinancing is a sound financial decision to make as well as what loan terms to apply for.An auto payment calculator is designed to be easy to use, and most can generate important loan information with very little time or effort required on your part. Whether you are planning on buying a car or refinancing your existing auto loan, take time to put one of these calculators to use so that you make the best financial decision possible.

Can you suggest a website that informs you about down payment calculator?

You can really just use any calculator to find the down payment for a home or car. You would just multiply the total price by the percentage of down payment.

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