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No, the very purpose of a money order is that it's a secured method of payment, meaning the money is guaranteed. Paying with a credit card leaves open the possibility that you might default on the debt. A money order, on the other hand, is the same as cash, simply a more secure option than sending money through the mail.

A few places will allow you to use your card. Walmart money center will as long as you know your pin#.

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Q: Can you use a credit card to purchase a money order?
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Why can't i purchase a money order with my credit card?

Because there has to be real money on the money order. A credit card is a loan of money to you.

Can you purchase a money order with a credit card at a bank?


How do you pay for the Amazon gift card?

You can purchase a gift card by either a credit card , debit card or money order .

How is the Walmart Money Card different from a normal Visa credit card?

The Walmart money card is different from a normal Visa credit card because an individual has to deposit money on the Walmart card before he or she can purchase items with the card. Whereas the Visa credit card already has money on it, or a certain amount of credit.

What services are provided by a Nationwide Credit Card?

Nationwide Credit Card allows its users to purchase items on their credit cards and then pay for that purchase at a later date. They must pay back the money with interest attached to the amount of money that they put on that credit card.

Can you use JC Penney Credit card to purchase gas?

yes you can if you have money on the card

Where in broward can you get money order with credit card?

no where.... sorry

How do you cancel an accidental purchase on a parent's credit card?

The only ways to cancel an accidental purchase on a parent's credit card is to cancel the order from the producer/provider or cancel it through the credit card's business.

Why credit card not considered money?

because a credit card purchase is a loan, a promise to pay back in the future. it does not fall under the definitions of money (m1,2,3)

Can you buy PlayStation home stuff with a credit card?

You can use the credit card to add money to the Playstation wallet and then purchase the item

What is one benefit to using a debit card that is not a benefit of using a credit card to make a purchase?

With a debit card you can only use money that you put in a bank and with a credit card you are using the money from the credit card company which can lead to bankruptcy if you are not careful.

Is credit card notes payable?

I am not sure what you mean. If you have used your credit chard to purchase something or to obtain money, then yes, you must pay money into your credit card account to cover these actions.

Is it legal to buy a money order with a credit card?

YES if the money order seller takes credit cards it would be legal.

Can you use a credit card to pay for an money order?

You can not use a credit card, but at some place you may be able to use your debit card.

What charge would you not see on a credit card bill?

money order

What happens when you have a credit on a credit card after a refund is posted?

It represents "money you haven't spent yet". If your next purchase on that card is $60, and the credit is $20, your next billing will be for $40.

Where can I purchase home depot credit card online?

You cannot purchase home depot credit card online but you can purchase a home depot gift card online or in the store. To get a credit card you have to apply for it

Do you need a credit card for ps3?

You need a credit card to add money to your Playstation wallet and to join Playstation plus. You can also add money to the wallet with a Playstation network card you purchase at a retail store

What happens when you run out of money on your itunes gift card?

If you have a verified credit card still on the account then it will charge the credit card, if the credit card used to make the account has been removed you will not be able to purchase anything unless you have an itunes card.

Can you purchase with credit card with no money in our account?

If you are speaking of using your debit card as a credit card without any money in your checking account the answer is yes until the overdraft reform laws go into effect 7/2010.

Are casino chip purchases considered a cash advance or a purchase on credit cards?

You cannot purchase chips at a casino with a credit or debit card. You have to use an ATM to get the money and then purchase the chips.

What is the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

a debit card is one in which you put money on your bank and use a debit card to do purchase with the amount in the bank. with credit card, you do purchases with a certain credit limit and pay later when the bill comes in.

Can anyone get a credit card?

if you have money you have to pay for a credit card

What is a secured credit card?

a credit card that is secured by a deposit of your own money

How do you pay for goods without a credit card?

Cash, Check or Money order.