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Can you use a first basemans glove anywhere on the field?

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No, same goes for catchers gloves, only a first baseman can use a trapper and only a catcher can use a catchers glove

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It is perfectly within the rules to use a first basemans mitt anywhere on the field. However, there is no advantage in using a first basemans mitt for third other than simply for catching. A third baseman must field more balls batted hard to him than a first baseman. This requires a glove that can not only catch the ball, but be flexible enough to scoop balls from the ground, shallow enough to shovel the occasional ball to second or short, and shallow enough to easily transfer a ball from glove to throwing hand for a throw to first, second or home. None of these traits are inherent in the first basemans glove.

It is not a good idea considering that a first basemans glove is designed for catching line drives thrown from other players in the infield. A good outfielders glove choice is a 13 and 1/2 inch glove

Brandon Inge on the Detroit Tigers uses a small first basemans glove. Im in high school ball. I can play the infield. And when i play third base i use my mizuno first basemans glove. It helps me from jamming the finger when a hard liner comes straight at you. so i help this helps

yes a first basemans mitt because the are bigger and they are thicker so it wont hurt your hand but some people in little league just use normal baseball gloves

For third base, typically, you want a larger infield glove like 11.5 or 11.75. The ball gets on you faster there than shortstop or second, and there are times when as a third baseman, your job is to just knock a ball down, or get a glove on it, so a larger infield glove is more ideal for this.

Little League Rule 1.12 - A catcher must wear a catcher's mitt(not a first basemans mitt or a fielders glove) any shape, size or weight consistent with protecting the hand.

There are four different gloves in softball. An outfielder's glove is larger/longer. An infielder's glove is smaller in size. A catcher's glove is very padded and somewhat large. A first-baseman's glove is large and somewhat padded. The first baseman has the largest glove on the field.

The first baseman's glove is longer with a deeper pocket and generally not as wide as other infielder's gloves to help them catch balls thrown from the infielders. The majority of plays the second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop make are on ground balls and popups.The majority of playsthe first baseman makes are on throws from another infielder. Thelongerglove gives the first baseman an extra few inches to be able to catch the ball and the shorter width and deeper pocket is for a better grip of the ball once it is caught.

You should apply glove oil on a first base glove. It works regardless of the type of glove.

Every defensive player on the field wears a glove. The batter may even wear a batters glove.

This is some discrepancy over who invented the first baseball glove. However, Rawlings sports manufacturing company is the first recorded manufacturer of the baseball glove and does hold the patent on this first glove.

No. You must have a glove to play in the field, no matter where. Obviously, except for the base coaches and umpires.

Michael Jackson was the first one to wear one white glove or even a glove at all. he was a fashion icon as well

Any and all positions commonly wear a protective glove, from attackers to defenders. That worn by a goalkeeper is not technically a glove, but is often referred to as such anyway.

A Rawlings Brooks Robinson baseball glove is worth anywhere from $25 to $150. It will depend upon the age of the glove and its condition.

To give the first baseman a better chance of digging a throw out of the dirt and controlling it in the glove.

Derek Jeter won his first Gold Glove Award in 2004.

Carlos Pena uses a first baseman's glove.

The inside of the glove compartment would not go through the firewall to the engine area. It might have slipped up into the dashboard if it isn't on the floor.

AnswerBy the rules of MLB, you can use a catchers mitt or even no glove at all in the outfield. The reason they don't use a first baseman's glove is that they don't need to. A first baseman's glove is bigger so that a less than perfect throw, or a liner in foul territory has a better chance of being caught. Outfeilders move to the ball, so they don't need a bigger glove. A first baseman's glove has a flat side, therefore as the outfielder is moving it would be harder for him to catch the ball; also, a first baseman's mitt is heavier than an outfielder's glove.

No, although it might be overlooked in a field environment.

Well there are both gloves and mitts. These include: Catcher's mitt First basemen's mitt Outfielder's glove Infielder's glove Pitcher's glove And a ambidextrous glove So there are 6 types.

Some people claim that the baseball glove was first invented in Canada. However, there has been an American patent for a baseball glove since 12345456

He uses a Spalding 18222 12 inch glove. It's his own glove series in spalding. Are you kidding?!?!?!? That's a bottom of the barrel glove in terms of quality. You think Cano is really gonna use that glove on the field? Professional players use professional quality custom gloves that would cost between $180 to $400 dollars. Not $29.99. I've been trying to find out what model glove it is and whether it's for sale to the public or not. Haven't been able to find any real info. It's definitely a Spalding in black-tan w/ some version of a Pro-I web. I guess they have a pro shop, because I can't find that glove available anywhere. I have the glove and it is not bottom of the barrel, it's a Spalding Pro Select glove. Very nice, price range between 140-200 dollars.