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iTunes gift cards are only valid at the iTunes store online. The Apple stores use a separate system.

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What is the difference between a itunes card and a apple store card?

An iTunes Gift Card is used for music/video/games/apps purchase from the iTunes Music Store.An Apple Store Gift Card is used for mac hardware and software purchases either in-store, or from the Apple Online Store.

How can one pay for items in the iTunes store?

One can pay for items in the iTunes store with a valid credit card or an iTunes gift card. One can make the valid purchase through their iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer or over the phone with an apple representative.

Can you use an iTunes gift card to buy games?

Yes. You can use an iTunes gift card to buy games for Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

How do you put iTunes gift cards on your account?

To put iTunes gift cards on your account on your iPod press: iTunes Music or Videos Redeem Code To put iTunes gift cards on your account on your Mac press: iTunes iTunes Store Redeem

Is There An Itunes Gift Card Code Generator for mac?

there might be check in staples or something like that

What if you have a itunes gift card on your ipod touch and you want to buy music on your mac?

As long as your iTunes account is the same on your Mac and your iPod Touch you'll be able to buy on your Mac. However if you have different accounts then just sign out of the one on your computer and log into the account you used for your iPod.

You purchased an Apple computer your iTunes account is on a HP How do you get the account transferred you downloaded iTunes on the Mac?

Just sign into your iTunes store, or app store on your Mac with the same Apple ID you have on your HP.

Is the app store on your iPod touch the same as the itunes store?

Yes, but the iTunes store on your Mac/PC can download movies and music as well

Can you use iTunes card on tablet?

You can use an iTunes card on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or on a Mac or Windows computer running iTunes. You can't use an iTunes card on any other kind of tablet.

How do you get free apps on mac?

Visit app store or iTunes.

How do you download mp3 songs on mac?

Mac most commonly uses the iTunes store. You would open iTunes, go to the online store, and buy somgs directly through it. They will download straight onto your machine.

Where can I find the best deal on a brand new laptop?

Best buy has a sale on the mac, if you are a school student, you can buy and mac and get a apple app gift card for a hundred big buck for free to spend on the mac store in witch is good for studying!

How do you buy apps on iPod touch?

You can buy Apps through the iTunes store on your iPod Touch or through iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

What to get an 11 year old for Christmas?

a mac computer a tv in her room itunes gift card fusigi ball jewlery abercrombie clothing justice clothing a trip to there favorite place in the summer hope it worked

Will a Mac iTunes library work on a Windows iTunes install?

Yes. Windows version of itunes will recognize the soundfiles in your mac iTunes library.

How do you authorize your computer on iTunes?

If you have a Mac then when you have to go into the latest version of iTunes and in the menu bar at the very top of page, click store. then a menu will drop down and the option of authorize this computer. click that. if you have a windows, its really all the same. Open your iTunes app and click store, not iTunes store, just store, then click the button that say authorize this computer.

How do you draw pictures on a mac?

To draw a picture on a Mac, you can download the software Paintbrush for Mac. You can also download You Doodle or Skitch from the iTunes App Store to help in drawing pictures.

Can you buy I-tune games and play them on your mac notebook?

Games for the iPad and iPhone purchased from the iTunes App Store cannot be played on a Mac computer.

Is Apple's iTunes 9.0 free?

Apple's free iTunes software can be downloaded and used on both Mac and Windows computers. (See links below) If you want to buy music from the iTunes Store linked from the iTunes software then you will need to pay for that.

How do you download movies to your apple mac laptop?

The Mac is compatible with most Movie formats so anywhere that offers movies to download (such as the iTunes Store or Jaman.com) can be used.

Where can you authorize a computer on iTunes?

Authorize and Deauthorize Computer controls are accessed from the Store menu in iTunes. To authorize a computer open the iTunes software and select Authorize Computer... from the Store menu at the top of the screen. (Next to the "file, edit, view, and control" tabs) Register for an iTunes / Apple Account, Register Your Mac (if you are using one). So lets recap, If you are running a PC with windows, you must register for an account. If you are running a mac, you must also register for an account. (But you also do so when you register your mac)

How do you change your Mac OS X Puma Mac address?

It is impossible to change your mac address from the OS. You need to change your Airport card (at an Apple Store)

Why can't i install iTunes 10 on mac osx?

Leopard OS is required to install iTunes 10 on a Mac.

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