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If you're talking about the HK G36C from a sporting goods store, no, the KWA mag won't work. The HK licensed G36s that pop up in sporting goods store use a proprietary magazine.

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2012-11-26 00:46:33
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Q: Can you use a kwa hk g36 mag for your hk g36c airsoft gun?
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Should you get an agm mp40 airsoft gun or an kwa m9 airsoft gun?

kwa all the way

What is the best g36c?


Where to get a kwa m4a1 airsoft gun? copy and paste that int the address bar

What is the best airsoft gun to buy?

In my opinion, kwa is the way to go. If you wait, kwa next month is releasing the new RM4A1. The gun simulates recoil and it has blowback.

What are big top brand airsoft gun companies?

KWA, VFC, G&G, Classic Army, Tokyo marui

Can you upgrade kwa airsoft guns?

Yes you can

What does KWA stand for in airsoft?

I am not sure that KWA is an acronym of any sort. I just think it means KWA. but if your question means you wish to know about their guns, KWA manufactures some of the best and reliable electric airsoft rifles and gas blowback pistols out there

I am getting a g36c airsoft rifle but i don't know which company to buy from i am leaning on jing gong or heckel and koch i am looking for the best overall quality does anyone have any ideas?

h&k is made by kwa wich is the best airsoft maker in the market and is most likely lipo ready

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well if you are looking for high quility you should get a classic army or a kwa i have a classic army m4 and a kwa mp7 but i am considering a G&G sig 552 but my favorite brands and i trust, are KWA, Classic Army, and G&G

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That's a very vague question. If you are looking for cheap gun look up WE. They are a cheap professional brand. Otherwise, KWA or Tokyo Marui will be the Ferrari brands of Airsoft.

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Yeah they are like the kimber of the airsoft world

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Safest airsoft gun? The most dependable guns are KWA or G&G there is not one that is more dependable than the other. Also, it depends from gun to gun. some are lemons and never work properly while others are a dream. Really the most important thing is to get a full metal gun. that way its less prone to break.

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