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A 2.5 inch laptop hard drive can be used in a desktop computer with an appropriate adapter and mounting. Laptop CD / DVD drives have proprietary connectors. To use them, you would have to partially disassemble the drive, and then connect the aforementioned adapter.

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How do you rip a movie from DVD to my laptop?

As ripping DVD movies to PC, I use a DVD Ripper,

What kind of a drive do you have to have to burn photos to a DVD and then burn music also?

you need a DVD burner. you can install one inside your PC or laptop or you can buy a portable DVD burner that you can connect through usd to your PC or laptop.

Laptop has no CDDVD drive how do I install a program which is on a CD or DVD onto my Laptop?

you have to buy a external usb DVD drive for about £50 but there are some cheaper you can get these from PC world ,argos and places like that.

Can I boost my laptop with PC parts?

Have to write it here to not get 'invalid context format' The laptop is from 2014 IIRC and has a Dell docking port. I want to make the laptop use the pc parts as if they were it's internal ones, or the pc to use the hard drive from the laptop, and use the laptop for the monitor and keyboard. I do not want to do anything on its inside if possible

What disc do you use to transfer photos from laptop to disc to play on DVD?

You use a common dvd-r. The process is different but similar for a mac and pc.

Does the Asus Eee Surf Laptop have a DVD player?

No. The Eee PC contains no optical drive at all. However, the laptop does come with software to play DVDs if you connect an external drive via USB.

Is there any difference between a laptop CD-DVD drive and a PC CD-DVD drive in the way that they read the data from a CD?

In my experience, the laptops have slower drives in terms of read speed.

Can you play a DVD on your PC?

Most modern PC's will play DVD movies. However, you need to make sure your PC has a DVD drive. Some older or very low-end PC's have only a CD player, which will not play DVD's. Also, some laptop and notebook PC's save size and weight by omitting to have a built-in DVD drive. In this case you can plug an external DVD drive into a USB port.

Can you take the DVD drive from an old Mac and use it in a PC?

DVD drives will work across both Macs and PC's.

Do you copy photos from a laptop PC to a DVD or a CD?


Can I use a dell CD & DVD Drive in a HP pc?

Yes, it doesnt matter the type.

How much hard drive space should you have on your PC laptop?

A PC laptop should have 750GB hard drive space. This space is needed for storing pictures, mail, music, games and other things you will be downloading on your PC laptop.

How do you transfer documents from PC to your Laptop?

1. use a junk drive 2. use email 3. use a recovery disk

Which built in component is used for a permanent cd-rom or dvd drive in a notebook pc?

Most notebook PCs have a permanently built in CD-ROM or DVD drive. If your PC lacks this component it is possible to use certain software to emulate having a drive.

How do you reinstall vista?

buy a vista OS or if you might have got a reboot CD wiv ur PC/Laptop put it in and restart and follow the instructions. I fyou did not get it with ur PC/Laptop then you might have to install it onto a DVD as the software is placed on your hard drive.

Is the ps3 hard drive same as the PC hard drive?

It is the same as a laptop hard drive

How do you clean off a DVD-RW so that you can write over it?

A DVD-RW is errased using a DVD burner on your laptop or PC.

How would this computer hold up to more serious PC gaming?

Yes the 250 Gb hard drive has a lot of room for graphics and the laptop is always upgradable, having a great DVD drive in it.

Can you use a computer hard drive for a play station 3?

You can use a standard Laptop harddrive not a PC harddrive see related link

Can you connect your Xbox 360 console to your PC?

no, but you can put the 360's hard drive as the slave hard drive of your PC if it is not a laptop

How do you speed up the DVD drive spin rate on PC?

Buy a new drive

How do you move videos from your laptop to your PC?

get a pen drive and save it on to it then move it to ur pc

Can you use a PC hard drive on a laptop?

you can use it in an external enclosure that connects to the laptop using either USB, firewire, etc. However, you will never have enough room to install a genuine hard disk inside a decent laptop case.

What is a PC to a laptop?

A laptop is just another type of PC-personal computer, assuming it's for personal use.

If you dont have a DVD burner can you still burn a iso to DVD?

No. An ISO is simply an "image" of a DVD, and you will need a DVD burner in order to burn it. However there are software available such as PowerISO, that will create a "virtual" drive on your PC. This virtual drive can be loaded with any content, including an ISO file, tricking your PC into thinking that there is a DVD in that "virtual" drive with the said content

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