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Can you use a prepaid credit card on eBay?

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Yes, as long as the card is a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express prepaid credit card, it can be used to pay for any items for which the seller accepts PayPal.

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It is possible to get a prepaid credit card with a bad credit score. Although it is possible to use a prepaid credit card, using one will not improve your credit score.

No identification is required to use a prepaid credit card. Only the prepaid limit may be spent when using a prepaid credit card for a purchase, so there is no reisdual balance or finance charges after the purchase.

There are many retailers that will accept prepaid Visa credit cards online. If one chooses to use a prepaid Visa credit card online, the process is the same as when using a regular Visa credit card.

You can use a prepaid Visa card to pay for eBay purchases through PayPal, either by registering for an account with PayPal and adding your card (which will enable you to pay for future purchases without entering the card details again), or you can make one-off payments without registering with PayPal. You cannot use a prepaid Visa card to register as seller with eBay.

There is no such thing as a prepaid "credit card". It is actually a prepaid debit card, even though it may carry a Visa, Mastercard or American Express logo. These should be usable anywhere the logo on the card is accepted. There are also prepaid gift cards, which look like a credit card but don't have your name on it. This should work as well.

You can take cash on your credit card and use that to load a debit card but why? You can just use the credit card. You will be paying charges either way.

a credit card that is secured by a deposit of your own money

buy a prepaid card or use a credit card

A prepaid credit card is like a debit card: you put money into the account and then spend it by swiping the card. There are no payments after the fact. You "reload" the card to maintain a balance for your use. Some companies charge a monthly fee for this service, while others do not. So do the research. The card reports to the credit bureau, but will show that it is a prepaid card, which doesn't impact your credit score.

You can use a prepaid Walmart card to use on almost all accounts that call for a credit/debit card.

you can only use an American express card as for credit at cosco, they'll take any debit card however. You can get tricky and use your credit card to buy a prepaid visa or whatever brand card you wish. Then use that card to make your purchases, since the prepaid card works like a debit. I wouldn't think it's quite worth the hassle though.

no, you can do it with paypal.

I would recommend the Prepaid Visa Rush Card. You can have your paycheck automatically deposited. You can use their discount card and save 85%. You can use the Prepaid Visa Rush Card worldwide.

There are no fees for giving prepaid visa credit card as gift. You must take care to instruct the recipient about all terms and conditions for best use of the card.

You can use any credit card, pre-paid or otherwise, on your PayPal account as long as it shows the Visa symbol.

You can use credit card to buy items on eBay by using their PayPal service.

in your ebay account. Look on the help section on ebay.

A pre-paid card you can use to purchase items or pay bills with as a debit or credit card depending on the type. No credit check is required and is accepted most places prepaid cards, amex visa or mastercard are accepted.

Yes, just use it as a regular credit card and it will work just as well

Yes so long as the restaurant accepts credit cards. It makes no difference what sort of credit card you use to pay your bills.

You need to open an account with Paypal and link your credit card to it for that.

Saga is a credit card company that has prepaid credit cards for purchase. The cards are often used by tourists when they are visiting other countries such as the United Kingdom.

if you're looking for a good debit card you can go to and use the referral code moneymaker this is a prepaid visa card you can also get direct deposit on it. there is no credit check and you'll get it within a week. if you want good credit cards or prepaid or debit go to it has major credit card companys and there is something for everyone bad credit no credit business students prepaid everything you're looking for they have and its not hard to get approved i have a few myself.

If you need to rebuild your credit then there must have been some form of negative feebback. You cannot get unlimited credit with a prepaid Mastercard. Prepaid Mastercards are debit cards that function like credit cards. You pay with cash and then use the card. It is not a good way to rebuild your credit.

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