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It depends on what you call a regular knife sharpener. If you do not have access to an electric grinder, the next best tool (maybe even better, just a little slower)would be a metal file. Lay the blade on a table or flat surface with the handle hanging off the edge with the sharpened side toward you. A C-Clamp or the equivilent will make the job much easier. Using the flat side of the file begin to push the file across the sharpened area of the blade at an angle of about 20 degrees. Continue until you have filed the blade edge smooth and sharp. Then turn the blade over and move to the other end of the table and sharpen the other side. With a good file you can put a nice edge on the machete. Good Luck, DrDave

2006-08-13 20:17:30
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How do you sharpen eyeliner?

Just with a regular pencil sharpener

How do you sharpen a screwdriver?

I sharpen mine on my angle grinder. I used to use the bench grinder with a stone wheel ,but find an angle grinder is better.

How many syllables does the word sharpener have?

"sharpener" has 3 syllables. "to sharpen" is an easy step to finding the amount of syllables. 'sharpen" has 2 syllables, which means "sharpener" has 3.

How does one sharpen drill bits?

There is a way to sharpen them on a grinder. It takes some time to learn the technique, but I believe there will be videos showing this on Youtube. You can also but an automatic drill sharpener These are sold in stores like Rona and Home Depot.

What is the noun for sharpen?

The noun forms for the verb to sharpen are sharpener and the gerund, sharpening.

How do you sharpen a pen?

you stick it thru the sharpener....\

What is the function of a knife sharpener?

To sharpen knives...

How do you sharpen a eyeliner pencil?

with a pencil sharpener, just dont sharpen it too much

Is sharpen a noun?

No, the word 'sharpen' is a verb (sharpen, sharpens, sharpening, sharpened).The noun forms for the verb to sharpen are sharpener and the gerund, sharpening.

What do you sharpen your pencil with if you dont have a sharpener?

with a knife or sicors

What is The theme of knife sharpener?

To sharpen your knife for murrder

What is a grinder reel?

I think you mean a "reel grinder". It is a machine used to sharpen the reels of a mower

What is a synonym for a strop?

As a noun: sharpener, strap As a verb: sharpen

How can you sharpen a knife?

With a whetstone, a steel, or a ceramic knife sharpener.

How do you sharpen a pencil sharpener?

if it's manual by twisting the pencil if it's electric by putting the pencil in the sharpener if its like just a Carl branded sharpener by twisting the handle

How do you sharpen scissors?

Use a knife sharpener with scissors, one blade at a time.

How do you sharpen an eyeliner pencil?

with an eyeliner pencil sharpener.. you can get them at any department store

How do you sharpen with no sharpener?

use a shap knife and shave som of the wood and the leed

What was the purpose of the pencil sharpener?

its purpose is to sharpen the wooden pencil. if the pencil sharpener wasent inveneted then we would have to keep sharpening a pencil with a knife

What is the pencil sharpener?

A tool that is used to sharpen the end of a pencil to make writing with it easier.

How do you sharpen a switchblade knife?

With a knife sharpener or whet stone, same as any knife.

How do you sharpen a pencil with little suplies?

There really is no way to sharpen a pencil without tools such as a pencil sharpener, or a knife. There are pencils that are mechanical, which have led refills.

How do I sharpen a filet knife?

The best way to sharpen a filet knife is with a knife shapener. An electric knife sharpener would be a whole lot easier.

Sharpen a drill bit with a grinder?

Many people sharpen their drill bits on a grinder. It's tricky to describe how and I'd advise asking an expert to actually show you, or second best, look at some Youtube videos on the subject.