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No. The PlayStation 2 does not have the drivers to use other webcams.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:38:34
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Q: Can you use a regular webcam as an EyeToy on the PlayStation 2?
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In Windows Vista how do you install the PlayStation 2 Eyetoy Camera for use as a webcam?

you need to type it into google. E.g."Eyetoy webcam downloads" and you should find something that will enable you to put your eyetoy camrea in to your computer.

Can you use a webcam instead of an eyetoy for ps2 eyetoy games?

no because i tried it didnt work

How do you use an EyeToy as a webcam?

To use an EyeToy as a webcam, you need to download some custom drivers (which can be found in the Related Links) section below. Note that there are two different chipsets for the EyeToy camera, so you will need to identify which one you have.

Can you use Playstation eyetoy with ps2?

Yes, infact eyetoy was especially designed for PS2.

Where do you get a tool for PC computers that works like the PS2 eyetoy?

Well basically all an eyetoy is, is a webcam. If you were wanting a webcam you can get one at just about any store (Wal-Mart)! Or if you already own an eyetoy you could use it as a webcam all you need to do is download the eyetoy drivers based on which you have (logitech or namtai). Hope this helps

Can you use a regular webcam as an EyePet on the PlayStation?

yes you can you a web cam

Can you use a webcam to play PlayStation move games?

No you must use the Playstation Eye Camera and a Move controller

Can you use a PlayStation eye as a webcam on a laptop?

The Playstation Eye would need a driver for the laptop and it would not really fit on anything. In short why would you want to when there are much better products to use as a webcam for a laptop.

Is there a webcam on the LG ally?

yes there is but you have to download it from the android market. and you use the webcam with your regular camera

Can you use your Playstation move as a webcam?

You must mean ps eye and if so then yes you can.

Can you use a playstation power cord for a regular Xbox?


Is there a program to make a computer use a webcam like a PS2 uses an eyetoy?

Not exacly the only thing that a webcan cam can do anything like that is face tracking on webcams apps now there are applications out there that fuction like that but they are way more advance and require more than just a webcam

How do you use the eyetoy on sims 2 on ps2?

Well you turn it on, select the eyetoy feature on the pause menu and the you can upload images into the game.

What games can you use eyetoy for PS3?

the ps2 eyetoy works for ps3 too..i tried it and works for any game as a headset is pretty neat if you ask me.

Why when you try to start your webcam on windows live messenger it goes directly to a video call?

The most recent windows update no longer supports regular webcam use; it has to be a video call. They retired one-way webcam function

Can you use regular webcam for ps3?

The Sony Eye cam is the only one that I've heard of that works

How do you use a webcam as projecter?

You cannot use a Webcam as a projector. A webcam is an input device, not an output device.

How do you use webcam on omegle?

To use the webcam on the Omegle, make sure that you have the right drivers and press the right webcam button.

How do you use your built-in webcam?

How you use a built in-webcam depends on the type of laptop you have. Programs which can use your webcam should, in most cases, recognize it automatically.

How can you use a Handycam as a webcam in iChat?

how can i use my Panasonic NV-GS47 as a webcam

Can you play regular ps3 games on a PlayStation move?

No the move have been designed for the PlayStation Move games or games Updated to be able to use the Move Controller

Can you use webcam toy on your phone?

Sorry but no you cannot use webcam toy on your phone.

Does messenger fx have webcam?

no it doesnt to use webcam u will have to use the link

How do you use a PlayStation Eye as a webcam?

You will need to install some homemade drivers for the PlayStation Eye. In the Related links section below are links to drivers for Windows and Mac OS X. Support is built into the Linux 2.6.29 and later kernels.

How do you use the built-in webcam in the Eee PC?

You need to use an application that makes use of the webcam. There should be an application bundled on the desktop that you can use to record from it, and many Flash games can also use a webcam.

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