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Can you use a server as a normal PC?


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Yes, you can. Just install whatever operating system you're wanting on the server and use it like normal. I know of a few people that have done this and I want to try it but I don't have a couple thousand dollars to blow on a server.

If you are fortunate enough to come by a SERVER UNIT, then all you have to do is wipe the hard drive(s), Format it/them and install your operating system onto the primary hard drive. Check the BIOS to determine this, make sure you have enough least 10 Gigabytes, which a SERVER should easily have...and set the primary drive to boot up first...easy.


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A server is basically a PC, but with a different operating system that allows it to perform server tasks. To change it to a PC, or a PC to a server, you only need to install the operating system corresponding to the tasks you want it to perform. If you put a partition on your hard drive you can even install both operating systems, and use the same computer as either a server or a PC depending on your needs

Why would you want to do that? A file transfer usually takes place between two computers - one is operating as a client and the other as a server. Running the client and server portion on the same PC to transfer files is very inefficient. You can use the ftp client to communicate with the ftp service on the same server/pc the same way as you would across the network; there is no difference.

first you need a good internet connection with an static-ip and u should use Linux for php mysql web server

Yes one can use the vista in a server 2003 network As long as it is Vista Business or Vista Ultimate.

Raid is use in server and the raid is redudant array of inexpencive disk

Yes, the Promise Technologies SuperSwap Harddrive Case can be used for a normal computer (such as a personal computer) or a server.

Install free proxy software on your PC. Pay for access to a proxy server located on the internet. Set up an encrypted tunnel between the proxy installed on your PC and the proxy on the internet. Set your brower to use the proxy installed on your PC. Done.

hi! how i can add my new client PC in easycafe Server PC application for control it?!

SMTP A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC, pg. 976

Depends on what type of server. If you just mean for a file server for your home network, then yes. Very easily. But this is technically not a server. If you are looking to create a domain for a large network, use it as a DNS Server, Active Directory, or Web server, then chances are your home PC does not have the specifications required to do this. this is the server in which it starts try to find it from there and learn hint use ipconfig.exe on PC

In normal circumstances only apache server supports php scripts. There can be some tweaking done in tomcat to support php

server side is the system which communicates the other interconnected group of systems

You can't... To make a server that can use plugins, you setup a Bukkit server from their website... it's not possible to put plugins on the Minecraft_Server.exe type servers (not currently anyway)

It depends of the type of version in windows server 2003 if web then 2 client pc if standard then 4 pc if enterprise then 8 pc else if datacenter then 32 - 64 pc

Yes, A gaming PC can be used for surfing the internet, Skype, social networking... Of course, when you're tired of doing that, you can play games.

You can turn any PC into a server. A server is basically a software which you run on a PC. To answer your question, an ASP will run in an IIS (or PWS on older computers) web server from Microsoft. To link your ASP to a database there should be another application in the middle. You can write an application with Visual Basic which will link the two, that way you don`t expose your database to the world. A recommendation is not to use your own PC as a server because a server need to be running all the time, and you PC isn't normally made for running forever. If you want to check your ASP web site is OK before you upload it to the net, however, it will be fine to use your own pc, because you won't use it continually. To turn your PC in a web server you'll have to install a program (IIS [Internet Informational Services] for Windows, or Apache for Windows and UNIX/LINUX based OS) in your computer and running it to view you site by typing in the address bar : http://localhost/filename/pagename.asp or http://localhost/filename/pagename.aspx for ASP.NET pages.If you turn your computer into a Web Server, your hosted files aren't going to be viewable from the World Wide Web. You'll have to be on the network of the computer to view it.

A server network is a computer that links devices together. and a desktop is known as a PC(Personal Computer) for a home user, business, etc use.

A server is basically a 'computer' that is used to store and transfer files for others to view.

Skydoesminecraft's official server is part of Minecade. See related link.

YES, you can. Though its not recommended. Actually its highly recommended you dont use it as a PC. But if you insist on doing it you can. The problem is people have a tendency to mess up PC's or download viruses onto it. Or clutter it up with junk, start messing around with settings they dont understand or install a program which interferes with the servers day to day duties. So for this reason, most network admins, tend to set-up the server and get it all working and then god help anybody who so much as moves the mouse on it. Yes, in fact a server IS a PC. Server just describes the fact that it is capable of being a file server or other network server for other networked computers.

The cable will go from the PC to either a router or a server.

Unfortunately he does not have an official server.

You would need to use a PC to connect to the internet with the modem. Then use a network card to connect to a hub. Use the hub to connect to your Playstation. Then setup the PC as a proxy server.

You can use scp (depending on the IOS version), or you can use Xmodem over the console line.It's usually easier to setup a tftp server on a random PC or laptop, though.

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