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In most states, you cannot get a lien on a vehicle unless the debtor voluntarily grants one to you. Your other option is to have the vehicle sold at a public auction to help satisfy the debt. * Small claims judgments are generally for monetary recovery only. The judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment or in some states as a bank account levy.

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Q: Can you use a small claims judgment to place a lien on the debtor's vehicle?
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Can you place a lien on a vehicle for non payment?

You need to sue in civil court first and obtain a judgment. Then you can request a judgment lien.

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Can you put a lien on truck that the owner passed away and the other owner is in prison?

if there is no recognized owner--not in prison, just go to small claims court or superior court and get a judgment and take it to the sheriff who will go with you to remove the vehicle from its current place.

How do you place a lien on a company that has not paid you?

First, you must file a suit in either small claims or district court. You will need to prove your claim. When you prove it, you will obtain a judgment against that company. Afte you obtain a judgment, you can have the judgment enforced and one of the ways you can enforce a judgment is to put a lien on non-exempt real property.

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Can a creditor's lawyer place a lien on a financed vehicle in the state of Texas?

When you signed the contract to finance the vehicle, the creditor put a lien on the vehicle. In the rare event that this was not done, it can be done later in some cases.Also, a creditor can place a lien on an already financedvehicle if there is more equity in the vehicle than the amount of the original loan. Generally, a creditor who obtains a judgment lien against you can arrange to place that lien against any property you own in order to satisfy the lien.

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Can a lien be placed on a house for voluntary repossession the state of Texas?

There are no legal differences between the borrower voluntarily relinquishing a vehicle or the lender having to initiate repossession action (with perhaps the exception of additional monetary charges). If an outstanding balance remains on the original loan amount after the vehicle is sold at public auction the lender can file suit to gain a judgment against the borrower for the amount still owed. If a judgment is awarded the judgment creditor may execute it according to the laws of the state. This being the case it is possible for a judgment holder to place a lien against real property owned by the judgment debtor.

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Can a credit card company take your car if you dont show up for court?

Generally when a defendant does not appear in a creditor civil suit, the court will award the plantiff a default judgment against the debtor. The judgment creditor can then execute the writ in the manner allowed by the laws of the judgment debtor's state. If a vehicle is not protected under the exemption amount allowed a judgment creditor can place a lien on the vehicle and request a forced sale. However, this is rarely done, as it is time consuming, complicated and seldom results in the judgment creditor recovering all monies owed. Please be advised, a judgment creditor has several options for enforcing the judgment, the preferred method is wage garnishment or bank account levy, followed by the seizure and sale of other non exempt property owned solely by the judgment debtor.

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Can they place a judgment on me in 2007 when the car was repossessed in 2001?

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How does a new landlord place a lien on tenants security deposit with current landlord?

You would have to go to Small Claims Court and get a judgment against the tenant. Then you could garnish the security deposit from the current landlord. Talk with an attorney for details.

How do you know if you have a judgment against you?

The involved party, should have received a notice prior to the execution of the writ of judgment. In cases where the person cannot be found, the only thing necessary is that a 'reasonable attempt" was made to deliver the Execution of Judgment notice. The clerk or court administrator keeps a register of all court records, including judgment awards. Contacting the clerk of small claims court is a good place to begin, the clerk will be able to assist the person in the proper procedure that is needed for obtaining the information.

Does a repair shop have the authority to repossess a vehicle if the owner stops payment on a check for repairs that were performed?

RepossessionYou'll need to get a judgment first. File a small claims action, take the bill to court with you, see what the judge allows. More OpinionsIn the majority of US states, small claims judgments are monetary only judgments (wage/income garnishment, bank account levy). That being the case, a suit to seize a vehicle by use of a judgment lien or place a lien against real property belonging to the debtor would have to be filed in the state circuit or superior court in the county where the debtor resides. Likewise, in the majority of US states, it is a criminal offense for a consumer to stop payment on a check that has been rendered for work done or goods received.

Can a judgment be dismissed if you file for bankruptcy?

To get technical, a bankruptcy does not "dismiss" a judgment. However, the end result is the same- a bankruptcy will "discharge" the debtors responsibility to pay the judgment which makes unenforceable - uncollectible. It is against Federal law to try and collect funds that have been discharged in bankruptcy. Prior to the discharge in a bankruptcy, and IMMEDIATELY after the filing of your bankruptcy petition, an "automatic stay" by the court is put in place to freeze all collections actions against you. There are several exceptions which include certain taxes, student loans and fraud.

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