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Yes and no, you would need to have a two wheel drive rear drive shaft.

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Q: Can you use a two wheel drive transmission for a four wheel drive truck?
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How do you get my truck into four wheel drive?

First you have to make sure it is a four wheel drive vehicle.

Can you use a 1999 two wheel drive dodge transmission in a 2000 dodge four wheel drive truck?

Only you swap the overdrive/tailshaft unit.

Is the transmission on a four wheel drive Honda passport the same as the two wheel drive transmission I cannot find a replacement used Trans for my four wheel drive.?

no its completely different than 2 wheel drive

What type of manuel transmission fluid?

Depends on type of car or truck. four wheel drive pickup hard body

Is a 2000 ford truck front wheel drive vehicle?

rear wheel drive or four wheel drive capable

When checking the transmission fluid in a four wheel drive truck. should you have the transmission in four high and park?

That depends on the make and transmission. Check the owners manual and the dipstick itself. Both should say.

Will a transmission out of a 2 wheel drive Chevrolet fit a four wheel drive Chevrolet?

No it will not. The center shaft that's in the 2-wheel drive transmission is shorter then the 4-wheel drive transmissions. Therefore the transfur case will not fit on the 2-wheel drive transmission.

Did they come with a automatic and four wheel drive in trucks in 1979?

Yes, of course. Four-wheel-drive has been in trucks since the very first truck was built. The automatic transmission was invented in 1934 by automaker Reo.

What was the first 4 wheel drive car invented?

1917: Oshkosh four wheel drive truck

What is the type of transmission fluid for a 2001 dodge ram 2500?

What type of transmission fluid do I put into a 2001 ram 1500 four-wheel-drive drive automatic truck

Will a 2 wheel drive transmission work in a four wheel drive 92 chevy?

NO... 2 and 4-wheel drive transmissions WILL NOT INTERCHANGE.

How long did general motors use the 4l60e transmissions?

Will a transmission from a 1996gmc yukon fit in a 1993gmc truck both are four wheel drive

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