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Yes, if it will physically fit in the space provided. May have to adapt the in or out pipes. Reburn pipe also has to be conected. Might be tough.

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Q: Can you use a universal catalytic converter designed for a 6 cylinder in a 4 cylinder car?
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Does the catalytic converter have anything to do with transmission?

No. Its part of exhaust system designed to reduce emissions.

What are the risks of using leaded gas to engines designed to work on unleaded gas?

You'll damage the Catalytic Converter,thats it. The engine would be fine otherwise..

What is the service life of a catalytic converter?

The use of catalytic converters as pollution control devices has been mandated on automobiles for decades. They are designed to last the life of the vehicle, and their failure is often indicative of other problems such as oil and gasoline contamination.

Can a fuel injection engine run without a catalytic converter?

If the engine was designed to run with a cat fitted, the answer is yes, but the emissions would be out of acceptable limits. Most diesels are not cat equipped, but by the nature of being a diesel, they are injection engines. Know that is is illegal to remove a catalytic converter without replacing it with another one.

Are there more than one catalytic converters on a Subaru Forester and will after market parts be ok to replace them with?

A catalytic converter is designed to burn any raw fuel or other hydrocarbons that get past the combustion chamber. If it's large enough to handle the exhaust, it's ok to use an aftermarket converter. If you have a single exhaust system, you only have one converter. If it's a TRUE dual exhaust, you'll have 2.

When does a car need a catalytic converter?

You should get one from the start when you bought your car. A: With all due respect to the answer above, cars were produced for 73 years before the introduction of a Catalytic Converter (1975) 35 years ago. Any car made before 1975 is not required, nor designed, to have one (CAT's produce a LOT of heat that older cars are not designed to deal with). Cars made between 1975 and 1995 are only required to have one, if its emissions cannot be controlled under other conditions (OBD I systems). With the introduction of OBC II systems in 1996 the system required the use of the Catalytic converter to function without errors.

Can you run premium gas in a unleaded only engine?

If you put leaded gas in an engine that is designed to run on unleaded gas, while the engine will run, it will not run optimally and you will ruin the catalytic converter.

Where is the rear 02 sensor on your 99 miata?

In 1999-2000, Mazda designed 2 exhaust versions.The most common version is the Federal-spec Miata. This exhaust system has the typical, single catalytic converter with an O2 sensor before and after it.The front O2 sensor is before the catalytic convertor and can be seen by removing the driver's side wheel.The rear O2 sensor will be just after the catalytic converter, at the 12 o'clock position between the rear wheels.The California-spec Miata had a precatalytic converter directly installed on the exhaust manifold/header, as well as the standard catalytic converter running the length of the engine.You will find the first O2 sensor directly on the header, just above the pre-cat. It is easily seen from the driver's side of the engine bay.The second O2 sensor is found just below the pre-cat, but before the main catalytic converter. It is easily seen by removing the driver's side wheel.

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How do you replace oxygen sensor on a Mazda 6?

I have a 2005 Mazda 6s (V6 engine). There are 4 Oxygen sensors on my engine. You will need a special slotted socket wrench. It cost about ten dollars at your local auto parts store. It's designed with a slot in the side wall to fit over the wires coming out of the top of the sensor. On each side of the engine there are two sensors. One at the top of the catalytic converter and one in the pipe just below the converter. You go at the ones in the bottom of the converter from under the car and the ones in the top of the catalytic converter can be removed from inside of the engine compartment. You will have to remove the engine cover and the intake manifold to get at the sensor on the back side of the engine near the fire wall. Be sure and disconnect the connector of the oxygen sensor so the wires will not be damaged while you remove or replace the sensor. I'm sure if your car has a 4 cylinder engine you will have just two on the front side of the engine. One just below the exhaust manifold and just below the catalytic converter. Same procedures less work.

What happens if you take the catalytic converter off of a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado?

It would be plain stupid to remove the converter. The converter is designed into the engine controls of the vehicle. Removing it wouldn't really increase power because they have very little backpressure. If you want to remove it because its plugged or bad then you could do so but the check engine light would come on and it would never pass a smog test. It won't physically hurt the engine to remove it. Removing the converter is against the law. I would have an aftermarket converter welded in to replace your old one if its bad.

Can a bad EGR valve cause a catalytic converter to fail?

Short answer: YES! Longer answer: The EGR valve is designed to recirculate some exhaust gas into the intake, in order to cool combustion temperatures somewhat. If the combustion temps exceed 1100 degrees (actually common in gasoline engines) then oxides of nitrogen are produced. these gases are what we see as visible smog. If the EGR valve fails, it can lead to very high exhaust temps which can gradually melt the insides of the catalytic converter. If a failed EGR is combined with a lean fuel mixture, or over-advanced ignition timing, the melting of the converter happens very quickly.

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