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Can you use a us cellular phone with alltel?

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You can use a us cellular phone with alltel service, but you can't tell alltel that the phone is us cellular. If you do they may tell you they can't allow another service's phone on their network. There is also another problem. If you do get the MEId swapped you may only get US celllular's easyedge instead of your own alltel online store and such. What I mean is, you can't go online and you can't send pictures. I know this because I have an Alltel phone and US Cellular service. I can't access my contacts back up to get my phone numbers and I can't use my music on my microSD as ringtones. So it's possible but you should maybe dig a little bit further to see if you can get more info.

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Who has better service alltel or us cellular?

us cellular hands down

What cell phone company makes the htc merge?

A number of cell phone providers currently carry the HTC Merge for use with their network. A few of the more reputable companies that currently carry the product are AT&T, US Cellular and Alltel.

Can i use a US Cellular Phone on Virgin Mobile?

No, you must use a VM phone.

Does the LG Apex phone use the Android operating platform and what carrier offers it?

The LG Apex is only offered in the US by AllTel at this time as the LG Axis. It was initially offered by US Cellular and they released Android 2.2 for the phone. The stock ROM uses the Android 2.1 platform for its OS.

Can you use a US Cellular phone with Virgin Mobile?


Can you use any Sprint phone with the carrier US Cellular as long as the phone is on a CDMA Network?

Since 7/15/03, US Cellular will NOT activate a phone unless it is US Cellular-sourced. That merely means that it was originally sold by US Cellular or an authorized agent. It does NOT mean you have to buy the phone from a US Cellular store. You CAN buy a phone from a friend, eBay, or wherever, but it MUST be US Cellular-branded. Also, phones can be direct-purchased from some manufacturer's, most notably Motorola. They will ask you who you're carrier is, and ship the phone US Cellular-branded. These phones can be activated.

How do you use a US Cellular SIM card in another phone?

US Cellular uses CDMA technology, not GSM, so, their phones do not use SIM cards.

Can you use a Verizon cell phone with another carrier?

You can use a Verizon phone with another CDMA carrier (the other CDMA carriers in the US are Sprint and Alltel). However, they might refuse to activate your phone since they did not sell it.

Do you have to buy a cell phone from US Cellular if that is who your plan is through or can you buy one from some other company and use it?

No, you do NOT have to purchase a replacement phone from US Cellular. I have included a link below to an online cell phone store that sells US Cellular cell phones. Hope this helps.

Is there a list of all the cell phone companies?

Cell Phone Companies in the USAT&T MobilityVerizon WirelessSprint NextelTracFone WirelessMetroPCSU.S. CellularCricketClearwireQwest WirelessCellular SouthAlltelCincinnati Bell WirelessnTelosSouthernLINCModiva WirlessGCI WirelessBluegrass CellularAlaska Communications

Can i use an unlocked phone with US Cellular?

it depends on the phone you want to buy. your phone must be capatible with US Cellulars technology. This information can generally be found on the carriers website. US Cellular uses CDMA, so your phone needs to support CDMA. A GSM phone will not work on US Cellulars network.

Will you be charged extra texting to Canada from US with a unlimited Plan from Alltel?

The only people who can give you a definitive answer - is Alltel ! Phone their customer services number and ask them !

What phones can you use on us cellular us cellular?

The only good PDA Phone I have found with U.S Cellular is the Motorola Q (Still not very good, no touch screen or wifi).

How do you transfer a number from a US Cellular phone to another US Cellular phone?

I'm not sure there is a way that you can do it yourself. But you can take your phone into any US Cellular store and have them do it. I believe it's free, but i don't know for sure.

Can you use a US Cellular phone for nTelos service?

Depending on the make and model of the phone you should be able to activate a US Cellular phone with nTelos. Please contact 1-877-468-3567 for nTelos Customer Service to have it verified before activation!

Can you activate a US Cellular phone with Verizon?

of course...

Can you put a tmobile Sim card in a us cellular phone?

No...US Cellular is a CDMA and T Mobile is GSM. Incompatible.

Why does my sprint blackberry pick up us cellular error messages?

well i worked for sprint as a tower tech and for all the peeps out there that don't know sprint Verizon us cellular alltel before Verizon bought them out all work on cdma based towers code division multipule accsess hense when your receive your us cellular message your roaming on there towers and here is the real kicker i work for sprint and they give me free phone but have us cellular for personal there cheaper and the coverage for voice is superb compared to sprint there data coverage 3g style is lacking still but all in all i love my us cellular phone but that why you getting that message your roaming on there towers if you will even though most of the above carriers just use the same towers and just add there reapeter to it and its usally a message gg22 or something

How do you switch your US Cellular phone number to a different phone?

Talk to your phone-company they will do it for you for a small fee.

Can you unlock a us cellular phone?

yes because you can get a knife

What do you text to Habbo for credits?

If you have a phone through AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Boost, Dobson, Alltel, US Cellular, and Virgin Mobile, you can visit the website listed below and follow the prompt under cellphone. There is no longer a number to text to purchase coins.

Is there a way to transfer contacts from a US Cellular phone to a straight talk phone?

Password lock

US Cellular SIM card transfer to Nokia Phone is it possible?


What is the name of the best mobile phone?

I would say US Cellular

Why does US Cellular not have galaxy s2?

when at&t, sprint,verizon etc... get a new phone, us. cellular gets it 6 months to year later. i think us cellular doesnt want to pay for a phone till it comes down in cost. i have been a costumer of us cellular my self for many years and i have been asking that same question over and over.

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