Can you use alcohol in your ear?

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No dont use alchohol in your ear as it damages the ear drum and may cause infections! The best thing to use is a gentle oil like almond oil, every night before you go to bed.

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Q: Can you use alcohol in your ear?
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Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean out your ear?

I would not recommend first using hyrdogen peroxide to loosen up any material that may be in the ear and then sparingly use the rubbing alcohol to kill any outer ear infection and dry out any liquid in the ear (rubbing alcohol evaporates at body temperature). You can use rubbing alcohol in very small amounts to dry water in your ear. However, it will also leave your ear very dry and itchy.

Can you use rubbing alcohol in the ears?

If you have a busted ear drum,NO!

How often should you put alcohal in your ear?

no alcohol just use peroxide

Can you put rubbing alcohol to treat ear infection?

LOL! no!!!! use hydrogen peroxide or go to the doctor if the infection is INSIDE your ear

Can you put rubbing alcohol in a dog's ear?

Yes you can put rubbing alcohol on your dog's ear, it doesn't matter if it hurts or not. it is good for the ear and it will get the germs out of the ear and it will clean it.

Can rubbing alcohol be used to clean ears?

Yes. Use sparingly. The alcohol evaporates so no liquid is left behind in the ear canal.

Alcohol inner ear balance?


Can rubbing alcohol be used to get water out of your ear?

Yes , use 70% alcohol to remove the water ou of your ears . Just simply tilt the the non effected ear to the floor and to make it easier get someone else to poor just a tiny bit of the alcohol into the cap then poor it on your ear. Leave it there for a bit and it should drain right out!

Is it dangerous to put alcohol in your ear to disinfect it?

No, it is not dangerous. Placing rubbing alcohol inside the ear has been a tested remedy for removing water in the ear after swimming. Hydrogen peroxide works better at cleaning out the ear.

How to heal an earring infection?

Remove the earring, clean it and clean the hole in your ear, replace the earring back into your ear. Try and use jewelry cleaner for the earrings and rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes for your ears. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean your earrings as well if you do not have jewelry cleaner. Do this once a day for a few days and it should heal the infection.

Can you clean apple ear pods with alcohol?

You can't submerge them in the alcohol, but you can use a cotton ball or swap to wipe them down. Just be sure not to get any liquid inside of the actual pods.

What happens when you spray cologne in your ear?

Spraying cologne in your ear can cause inflammation of the ear canal and ear drum. This is not recommended due to most cologne's containing alcohol.

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