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If the electric shaver is a wet/dry unit, then you could give it a try, but I'm thinking that it won't be practicable. If it's not a wet/dry shaver, forget about it.

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How do you shave your legs without shaving cream?

You can use you conditioner instead of shaving cream but its best if u use shaving creams, alternatively u could use and electric shaver so that u dont have to use a cream.

Will the Braun Pulsonic 9595 Dry Shaver work with sensitive skin?

Yes, although you may want to invest in a shaver that can be used with shaving cream for better results.

Should I use a regular shaving cream when I shave with an electric razor?

Yes you can use shaving cream with an electric razor, but it wouldn't be needed all the time or with certain types of electric razors.

What is the best personal shaver to shave your penis?

Try Mach 3 fusion, with shaving cream, smooth and clean

Something found in the men's bathroom with begin with the letter S?

Soap, shaving cream, shower (gel)... shaver

Do you use shaving cream when shaving with an electric razor?

No. It would just clog up your razor.

Can shaving cream be used with an electric razor without damaging it?

Newer models can absolutely be used with shaving cream, and even in the shower. Make sure your electric razor is advertised as a "Wet/Dry" razor. A wet dry electric razor can be used with shaving cream. However it's often used simply with water or a special type of cream. Neutrogena makes shaving creams just for wet dry razors and Gilette recommends their own special shaving cream.

How do men shave?

They generally take a Razor (gillette) or electronic shaver, and put shaving cream where they want to shave off, and the gently glide.

What is the best way to shave your arms?

you use a smooth away so it doesn't hurt or u could use shaving cream and a shaver

How do you use shaving cream?

Shaving cream makes shaving easier.

How does foam shaving cream expand?

Shaving cream expands when air enters the cream as it is forced out Shaving cream expands when air enters the cream as it is forced out

What starts with the letter s and is found in the bathroom?

Things in the bathroom:saline solution,scale,scissors,shampoo,shaver,shaving cream,shower,sink,soap,

How do you stop the itching on your legs after shaving?

Rub some lotion on your legs. Or try using better shaving cream.

Can you eat shaving foam?

Shaving Cream Poisoning. Shaving cream is a cream applied to the face before shaving the skin. Shaving cream poisoning occurs when someone accidentally or intentionally eats shaving cream. This is for information only and not for use in the treatment or management of an actual poison exposure.

What is the market share of shaving cream?

"Marketshare" means how many percent of a market is held by a particular product. For instance, if 100 pickups were sold in Elizabethtown, NC, last week and 22 of them were Toyota Tundras, Toyota Tundras had a 22 percent marketshare last week. Cool? Your question really isn't answerable, sorry. Do you mean "what's the marketshare of shaving cream in the shaving cream market," "what's the marketshare of shaving cream in the toiletries department" or "what's the marketshare of shaving cream in the whole drugstore"? Or better, what's the marketshare of Gillette Foamy shaving cream in the shaving cream market?

What is the dispersion medium in shaving cream?

dispersed substance of shaving cream

Is cold water fine for shaving?

Yes but warm is better if you intend to use no shaving cream because it sofens your wiskers.

Is it better to use shaving gel or water?

Depends..what are you doing? If you're shaving than shaving gel is the obvious answer. If your getting a drink then you'd choose water. If your washing a mirror...shaving cream.

What state of matter is shaving cream?

In normal conditions the shaving cream is a solid.

Is shaving cream a heterogeneous matter?

Yes, it is. Shaving cream is a heterogeneous mixture.

When was Rise shaving cream created?

Rise shaving cream was created in 1949.

What are things in a bathroom that starts with S?

Soap, Shampoo, Sink, Shaver, Steam, Sanitizer.shavershaving creamshampooscrub brushspongesshower curtainsinkshampooA sinksoapshaving creamshampooshowershower curtainsoap?soapSoap, shampoo, shower gel, shower, sink...Sinkname something found in bathroom starting with letter nSoapsinkshampooshowershower curtainsinksoapshower,shower curtain, shower cap, shower head, soap,Some things in the bathroom that start with S are:showershower curtainshower rodshower doorsinkstopperscrub brushspray cleanerspray freshenerspray deodorantspray for hairshag rugshaver, electricshaving mirrorshaving creamshaving lotionskin creamscalessoapshampooThe Sinkand soapItems in a bathroom beginning with S:shaving creamshower curtainshampoosoapspongeshavershower capshower curtainsoapshampoosanitisersoap. shower. sink. stall. steel.Sink, shower, soap, shampoo, shower gel, spa (maybe, if you are rich)soapshaving creamshavershampooShoweritems found in the bathroom S:soapshampooscalesuntan lotionScope Mouth Washshower curtainshower capscrub brushscented candlesshower gelSensodyne ToothpasteSominex sleep aidSure antiperspirantSoapsoap

Does shaving cream block pipes?

No, shaving cream is designed to break down in water

Why do you get bumps after you shave?

Irriation from your razor, it could be time for a new one, or better shaving cream, also you could be shaving too much.

Is it safe to drink shaving cream?

Yes, shaving cream is very safe to drink. However, I would suggest that you squeeze the shaving cream into a hollowed-out baguette and then smoke the baguette to achieve a shaving cream-induced high. Let me know it feels!