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rear main seal must be replaced. also, is it leaking because the crankcase is holding pressure? your PCV is supposed to prevent that, to keep the seals from bolwing oil. if it got clogged, the rear main was the first to give, but wont be the last. once a seal blows ANY oil it is all done. Is PCV clogged? Are other seals leaking. Replacing seal not complex, but plenty time-consuming. The transmission is backed out or removed completely. The torque converter or clutch is disconnected from the flywheel or driveplate, and the flywheel is removed. the rear main seal is removed and new one drifted in. 3 hours in a shop. good time to replace clutch or torque converter if problems there, too.

Oil stop leak is not a versatile chemical. It can do as many bad things in there as it can do good things. Most people will tell you they have never used it and gotten the result they hoped for.

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Q: Can you use an oil stop leak to fix an rear main seal leak?
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Is there a cheap way to stop the rear main seal on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

There are some oil additives you can get, that might stop the leak. But if the leak has developed, the only way to fix it is to replace the seal.

Oil stop leak work on main seal?

almost never

Can just tightening the bolts help stop a small rear engine seal leak on 2000 frontier?

I have been doing transmission work for about five years and in that time the only way I have ever stoped a rear main seal leak is to remove the transmission andflywheel. There are no bolts to tighten.

How do you stop 350 Chevy 2 pice rear seal leak?

You will have to remove the oil pan and the rear main cap and then install a new seal.You also need to make sure the PCV valve is working / positive crank case venalation.Make sure when you get it apart that there is no groove cut into the crankshaft are it will not hold a seal.If the crankshaft main bearings are worn, Then it may still leak oil from the seal.GOOD LUCK.

Why is your topaz 1989 suddenly throwing white smoke how can you stop that?

rear main seal

Bad oil leak on 3.1 1990 Chevy lumina?

It could be something simple and inexpensive like a valve cover gasket or something more expensive like a rear main seal leak. You could try some stop leak but it is better to have it looked at by a mechanic.

What kind of sealant should be used to seal a 1989 Nissan Sentra transmission leak?

It depends on the size of the leak and where it is. If it is a small leak around the rear seal of the transmission you might try transmission stop leak of some kind. You can purchase these at Wal-Mart or any auto parts store.

Will brake fluid stop a rear seal from leaking in engine?

No, probably not. Engine oil stop-leak would be more likely to help, however that is a temporary fix and I would not recommend it. Just replace the seal.

Differential oil leak on 2001 ford escape how do i fix iT?

A 2001 Ford escape differential leak is usually caused by a bad seal. Replace the differential seal. The new seal should stop the oil leak.

How can you stop a 1 to 2 quart a day oil leak from a main bearing seal on a Chrysler?

Only by replacing the seal. Just dive in and do it, waiting will only make the problem worse.

How do i stop a power steering leak?

try using power sterring stop leak, if they doesnt work, find out what is leaking, and replace the worn hose or broken seal

What can you do to stop an oil leak?

There is only one way. Find the leak and repair whatever is causing the leak. Bad gasket, seal, or broken part, whatever.

How do you stop a front oil seal leak on an '87 Ford Ranger?

Replace it.

What are the symptoms of oil coming from a front crank shaft seal on a Buick Century?

There is a seal to seal the pan to the block. This seal goes out mostly do to lack of oil changes. Change oil then add a stop seal leak additive that closes off the leak with no harm to the engine. It works!

What can you do to stop an oil leak at the front seal on a 1986 Jaguar XJ6?

try castrol oil stabilizer - it will stabilize the oil and reduce the leak.

How do stop a leak around the timing belt on a 1994 Mazda 929?

Replace the cam seal.

If radiator is leaking in 2001 Pontiac grand am where does the stop leak go?

The question is referring to pour in type cooling system sealers such as Stop-Leak. If the radiator itself is leaking Stop-Leak will likely come right out as it is designed for small seal and gasket sealing.

Can you replace power steering fluid with some substitute to prevent end seal leak?

Have you tried STP brand stop leak for Power Steering!

Leak in gear box in fiat maria is there a liquid type can be put in gear box to seal leak in gasket?

you can try wynns gear leak stop-it thickens oil and swells the seals.

How do you stop condensation building up in the rear lights on a Mazda rx8?

something is wrong with the seal. take it to a shop and have the seal replaced

Is there an additive to stop transmission leaks?

Depends of where the leak is. If it's a seal they have some additives that can swell up and restore an old dried out seal which "might" fix the front seals or rear seals from leaking. If it's from the transmission pan you might be able to "slightly" tighten the pan bolts and stop a leak if it's "small". Bolts are small and you don't want to overtighten and maybe bend the pan or worse break one off in the transmission. Be careful.

Do stop leak additives seal a leaking rack and pinion on a 2003 Subaru Forester?

Temporary at best depending on the source of the leak.

How do you stop a fluid leak from the rear of a transmission on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

change ur rear differential gasket or ur transfer case is leaking

Do the products used to stop transmission leaks wor?

Generally, no. However. Sometimes the transmission "stop leak" products may allow you to get just a little more service out of a transmission, depending on the type of leak. Most transmission leaks are internal, and cause shifting problems, primarily slipping. When a transmission leaks internally, the hydraulic pressure is reduced and clutches do not properly engage. Stop leak formulas can reduce those problems and at least temporarily, restore most of the internal hydraulic pressure; but the transmission will not last long. In the process of reducing the leak, the internal seals are softened, causing them to wear out quickly. If your transmission is experiencing leaking to the outside through a seal, the results are less promising. External seals, those which prevent fluid from escaping to the outside of the transmission, fail quickly when you use a stop leak formula, and they do not usually result in leak reduction. External seal leaks are usually caused by a split or crack in the seal and stop leak formulas do not help with that. If the leak is caused by a loose or poorly fitting gasket, stop leak formulas do not help at all.

How do you stop an oil leak on a 04 durango?

You will have to determine the source first then we can help you stop it. More info please.