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No, you can not use any satellite radio to connect to Sirius. The hardware for each (XM or Sirius) is designed specifically for one or the other. For Sirius, there is a code on the back of the radio that they need to activate the service. It is specific only to Sirius equipment.

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Which Sirius Satellite Radios is best for a Pontiac Grand PRix?

Any of the sirius radio models will work fine in that type of vehicle.

Are there any units that have inegrated sattelite radio?

Sirius makes a car dock option taht will provide satellite radio in your car.

Can you unlock your car door if your vehicle is equipped with a Sirius satellite radio?

Yes, of course. Having Sirius satellite radio in the car in no way prevents the car's doors from opening, and they may be opened with any of the traditional methods ... operate the lock with a key, a combination touch-pad, or a remote control, or simply lift the latch-handle. Note that the Sirius satellite radio is not involved with the locking mechanism in any way, and can't help you open the doors any more than it can hinder you.

What is the best way to manage a Sirius Satellite radio account if one does not have access to the internet?

The best way for one to manage a Sirius Satellite radio account if there is no internet access available is to call the toll free phone number and speak to a representative. Any account management can be done over the phone.

Can you plug a sirus sat radio into your 05 envoy wo buying a special harness?

Some 2005 Envoys came with a radio that was capable of receiving satellite radio without any other hookups. It was an option choice. A Sirius Satellite radio can be plugged into the radio, but it has to be a radio that is mounted on the dash, therefore a mounting kit is necessary.

Is there any way to use two different types of satellite radio in the same unit?

XM and Sirius are now the same company and they have no competition right now.

Why does your Sirius radio loose the signal without any obstacles blocking the antenna?

Your sirius radio is advertised as "satellite" radio, and that's how they distribute it out and around the country from their headquarters studio, but that's not how it gets to your car. When you listen to it, you're listening to a local ground repeater, not to a satellite. So when you say there are no obstacles, it doesn't matter whether or not you can see the sky; you need to be looking at trees and buildings that may be blocking your horizontal path, just like any other radio, TV, cellphone, etc.

Do I need to install the Directed Electronics Sirius Starmate 5 Satellite Radio Receiver ?

It has to be installed just like any other car stereo.If you can do that you're okay.

How much static can I expect on the stations while using Sirius Radio?

You should not experience any static with your Sirius Radio if it is properly installed.

How much do aftermarket satellite radios cost for 2001 Hoda Accords?

You can get satellite radios that can be installed in any vehicle from both Sirius and XM.

How to know if your 2007 altima 2.5s capable of satellite radio?

Not sure. I have an 07 altima 2.5s and I'm interested in satellite radio too. The sirius/xm website says that the 2007 altima os equipped with satellite radio. Just had altima, no package, features, extras, etc. I'm hoping it was standard but highly doubt it. Please email me if you already have or do find out any additional info. -Brad

From where could one purchase an inexpensive satellite radio receiver?

One can purchase an inexpensive satellite radio receiver from any outlet store that sells electronics and appliances as well as online at websites that sell satellite radio receivers.

Are any local AM/FM radio stations available while using XM radio?

Although no local stations are broadcast through the Sirius network, it will not interfere with your use of other radios. In fact, most in-dash units are multi-band to allow tuning for AM, FM, and satellite.

Do any Car CD/MP3 players come with satellite radio?

Most new CD/MP3 players have options to have satellite radio available through them.

What kind of sports are broadcast on Sirius XM Radio?

You can listen to just about any sport on Sirius XM Radio provided it is the right season for them. Currently you can listen to NHL Hockey, Nascar, NBA Basketball and Major League Baseball.

Can you use any satellite radio in a Ford Focus 2003?

You should be able to. I have a 2005 ford focus zx3 that uses xm satellite radio, which was bought at Best buy then I had them install it. It goes through the radio, so you choose which station on the satellite then match it up on your radio. If you do install it on your own, make sure you know what you're doing ^^

What is passive satellite?

A satellite that simply reflects light or radio waves transmitted from one ground station to another without any amplification or retransmission.

Can XM radio be installed in 2004 Honda accord?

yes, the satellite radios where made to be put in any type of car. It may depend more on the type of radio you own. yes, the satellite radios where made to be put in any type of car. It may depend more on the type of radio you own.

Can you get satellite radio on a Honda CR-V?

Yes, you can install an aftermarket sat. radio on any car that did not come with it. See your local radio/electronic store.

What radio station in Boston is broadcasting fight tonight?

You didn't tell us which fight or which date, but Boston has several well-known sports stations. One of them is 98.5 The Sports Hub; another is WEEI radio (850 AM and 93.7 FM). As far as I know, neither broadcasts any boxing. However, one of the satellite sports radio stations on Sirius/XM might have boxing matches.

Is there any old time radio stations?

Yes, SiriusXM satellite radio has several stations to choose from - oldies going back to the 1930s!

Do satellite stations emit radiation?

If the satellite is to have ANY communications, usually with Earth, it must use radio waves, or some other radiation, so yes.

Is satellite radio better than your normal radio?

Oh yeah, there are no commercials, you can tell what song you're listening to and what artist and there isn't any static.

Pick Your Sports Pleasure With Satellite Radio?

Satellite radio has become a huge thing over the past couple years. For a small monthly fee, users can experience commercial-free radio, with stations covering everything from popular music to comedy. There are two main providers of Satellite radio that users can choose from, XM or Sirius. Even though the two radio giants merged recently, you’ll still have a decision to make when it comes to picking your satellite radio poison. While both carry different stations, you can find just about anything you want with either choice. With most people, though, the decision comes down to one thing: sports. Now, if you’re not a sports radio listener, this probably isn’t going to matter to you at all, and honestly, you’ll be fine selecting either XM or Sirius, because the same array of music, talk and comedy span both stations. If you are a sports listener, however, this is where your decision gets tricky, because even though there are sports stations offered on both XM and Sirius, each provider carries one major sport. XM radio carries every Major League Baseball game, while Sirius is the provider of every NFL football game. Now, you’ll still be able to hear some of every sport on both stations, but XM and Sirius have dedicated stations devoted to these sports. It’s one of the best features satellite radio provides, the ability to listen to any baseball or football game. You can also select from stations featuring coverage of NASCAR, the NBA, the NHL, soccer, the PGA Tour and multiple sports-talk stations. Since the two companies merged , prices are going to be comparable for service. So, really, your decision is your sport’s desire. If you’re a football fan, you’re going to want to go with Sirius. If you’re a fan of baseball, stick with XM. Just like television, there are several packages that you can choose from, most of which include the actual satellite radio. The service itself runs between $10 and $20 per month, depending on the package, and you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for the actual radio. Satellite radio provides a lot to people, from popular music, to politics and talk radio and even stations dedicated completely to comedy. One of the most popular features, though, is the ability to listen to almost any baseball or football game, but that leads to a decision. You’ll have to pick your favorite sport and stick with it, and you can’t go wrong.

Is 3G radio waves or sattellite?

When you use a 3G service, you're using radio to communicate with a base stationthat's never more than 2 or 3 miles away from you, and usually 1 mile or less.And by the way ... Everything that anybody can ever use an artificial satellite foris accomplished with radio waves. That's the only way anybody can send instructionsor programs to a satellite or get any data or programs from a satellite.