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Can you use beat headphone for iPod touch?


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yes you can use beat headphones for iPod

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Yes, they all use the same 30 pin dock connector, the only one you can't use is the iPod Shuffle charger because it's completely different as it uses the headphone port to charge.

Of course you can everybody uses Skullcandy headphones for you iPod.

Yes it will, it's he Sam type of headphone jack. With the Button microphone on the right side of the iPhone headphones, this can be used with the iPod touch generations 2 and 3 to record voice memos and what-not.

No, you do not have to pay to use Safari on the iPod Touch.

um you buy it at nexus or use the ipod touch headphone look for me Dark Dudeface and ill tell you the code thx

no,you can use ipod,ipod touch,or iphone.you have to buy nike+ ipod sport kit if you use ipod,you just have to buy the sensor if you use ipod touch or iphone

No. You can only use the app store that is provided to you on the ipod touch.

U have to disconnect the phone service and then u can use it as an ipod touch.

You can use Icloud on a 4G ipod touch but, it has to be the latest IRS version.

No. Ipod touch is only an ipod touch, you cannot use it as mobile phone. Iphone is better

the functions to the iPod touch is things that you use to touch and wire thing to conncet.

No, you don't 'need' Wi-Fi to use your iPod Touch. Your internet provider does not affect anything about your iPod Touch at any time. You can use the iPod Touch without Wi-Fi access.

No but you can download the movie/video and then sync it to your iPod Touch.

no pretty much, else its just a large ipod nano 5g

no, the ipod touch cannot use 3g so you can only use wifi.

Use Itunes to download songs to ipod touch

No, you can only use wifi for internet on ipod touch.

the control system of an ipod is the screen ipod have touch screen so you have to use they do not have button. some ipod have button but the modern one the ipod touch do not use button so the control system will will be the new touch screen feature

Use the cable that came with the iPod Touch to connect it to the computer, and the iPod must be on for it to charge.

You can go on iTunes with your ipod touch and you can put on the same songs that were on your nano that is how i did mine though Yes, you can. You can use iPod 2 iPod, it can help you transfer song from iPod Nano to your iPod touch.

You can have Skype on an ipod touch, there is an app for Skype. IF you have an ipod touch 3rd generation you can use you apple headphones that came with your ipod to talk to people and if you have an ipod touch 4th generation then you can also see people thanks to facetime.

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